Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate

I was really looking forward to this wedding.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the big event.

Chuck dutifully stood in for me.


How could I miss Wills and Kate's wedding? I would have to have been rendered unconscious to miss an event like that! :P

I set my alarm for 3am to watch all the coverage. As requested by Kris, I recorded this short video.

Not eloquent. Sort of Blair Witch Project-esque.

It felt like Christmas morning.

I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I had some pharmaceutical help in the shape of Tylenol PM's. Had a very refreshing, 7 hour sleep. I knew I had to get through about 5 hours of pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding coverage. Plus all the replays.

Woke up, slapped on some makeup, my tiara and some pajamas, and parked myself on the sofa. I was accompanied by the aforementioned scones, jam, clotted cream, and Earl Grey. I wasn't completely alone, as I was texting my friend Elise throughout.

Westminster Abbey is amazing. I swear I'd go to church every day if I could attend a church like that. Such history. It's been the site of Royal coronations since 1066.

At first when I saw all the trees they had brought inside for the wedding, I wasn't impressed. But they grew on me (pun intended) the more I watched.

I'm glad I got up early, because I really enjoyed watching all of the invitees arrive.

David Beckham looked absolutely DELICIOUS. Forget the scones. I wanna take a bite outta THAT guy.

When I saw Posh's dress, I thought, 'Well, that's horrible! What the hell was she thinking wearing that shapeless frock?'

I'm an idiot. I totally forgot she was pregnant. So I forgive her. She looked super-nervous though. She's had so much botox, I'm surprised she can exhibit that much emotion.

Next were the Camerons (the Prime Minister of England and his wife).

David looked nice in his morning coat. But Mrs. Cameron could have made more of an effort. She looked like she did her own hair. Couldn't she have sprung for a hat at least??

And look, it's the Queen!

Oh wait. It's only Elton John. :P

I must confess that I stole that from my friend Elise. When she texted me that, I laughed my ass off.

I love Sir Elton :)

Around this point, Chuckles woke up and began to get ready for work. He even joined me to watch the walk down the aisle and the vows. I lured him with a 6am glass of champagne. He didn't complain.

He kept saying, "Wow, Kate is hot!"

How could I dispute? I agreed. "Too bad she's marrying Prince William. You could always marry her sister?" I said.

"Nah. I want her Mom."

That's MY Chuckles. Always after the ultimate MILF.

Everybody looked great! Even Charles and Camilla.

Wait. I forgot about Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

I saw Princess Beatrice sitting behind the Queen, and I thought it was Lady Gaga.

Talk about trying to attract attention!

I loved the Queen in her sunny yellow ensemble.

I loved the fanfare. I loved the hymns. I loved it when they played 'God Save The Queen". I felt at home!

When I first saw Kate, I started tearing up. She looked SO beautiful.

The dress actually looked a lot like I thought it would. Long sleeved, lacy, but simple and elegant. Sort of like Grace Kelly's.

I was betting Kate would wear a tiara! I was correct. She's a princess now, she HAD to get married in a tiara!

I'm really glad I spent my last day off brushing up on Royal history. I was watching the BBC America broadcast, so I was treated to statements like, "And this plate was presented to Westminster Abbey by Charles II..." Nice to know exactly how old that plate was!

Chuck (who, incidentally, is also Charles II. He's a 'Junior') was sitting with me on the sofa with his glass of champagne (after he had finished breakfast of course) whilst Kate was walking down the aisle.

When the camera cut to William and Harry at the end of the long aisle, we could see Harry turn and glance at Kate. He turned back around and said something to William.

Chuck thought that was awesome. "Kyna, what do you think he said? 'Dude, I just saw Kate. she looks hot. Dude, you should see her! I saw her first! Dude!!'"

The best part of the wedding was how William and Kate looked at each other. There are a lot of skeptical people out there, very cynical about how this marriage is going to turn out.

I think it's completely different than past Royal marriages. They're both almost 30. Kate is university educated. They've been together for almost 10 years, and have lived together.

You can tell how much they love each other just by how they look at each other.

William was looking at Kate like she was a goddess. They were beaming and smiling at each other throughout the ceremony, when other Royals married before them were stoic.

It was such a 'young love' thing to do. My own wedding anniversary is next week, and Chuck and I still look at each other like that. We're best friends. I get the feeling that Wills and Kate are best friends. I really want them to make a good go of life together.

Anyway, one prince down, one more to go.

Once Chuck has Kate's mum securely in his grasp, I can set my sights on The Spare.



Timmy said...

Oh Kyna, bless your little cotton socks.

How sweet does Chuck look in a tiara though ;)

You look so happy in that video.

Kyna said...


Chuck came home from work the day before yesterday.

"Do you want to see my new tiara?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. Sipping his beer.

I brought it out, and he gestured for it. He put it on his head and smiled.

I knew I married the right guy. Anyone that will look so silly and tell me I'm allowed to post it is the most awesome guy EVER.

Anonymous said...

Kyna, you were so right about the GraceKellyishness of Kate's dress! Oh,it was lovely- just perfect. Everything about the whole day was perfect. I am so happy for them. And I agree with you that this is a true, loving, mature relationship that is going to last. Diana's son is a wise, thoughtful man (more weeping) who knew the responsibility of this decision and I believe he got it right. THEY got it right.

Prince Charles and Mr. Middleton were the ones who really got to me every time I looked at them. They were such the proud fathers.(Okay, where are the damn tissues again?!)

I am still shaking my head at Samantha Cameron. There should have been a hat. PM's Wife? Hat required. End of. I understand the dress was Burberry, so points for choosing a British designer but, but, but...I didn't like it at all, and the colour clashed with her husband's tie. HE looked smashing I thought.

And both William and Harry were simply magnificent. I actually gasped when I saw them. In fact, I'd say those splendid military uniforms rendered all who wore them attractive- even Charles. There. I've said it. I'm still planning to marry Prince Andrew though. I wouldn't have to do much to score higher than poor old Fergie. Expectations would be low. I'm in there. I just need to get on a plane.

Oh, and God Save the Queen!

Alison said...

Love the video! I didn't watch the wedding, but I've seen pics of the dress elsewhere too, and it was pretty fab.

Chuck is most definitely a keeper!

Kris said...

I'm impressed that you were able to make a tiara just a little bit creepy that early in the morning. :-D And you have my heartfelt thanks that not only did you wear it, AND some makeup, but PAJAMAs as well. *whew* Stone the crows but we sure dodged a bullet there!

I've been watching since early morning. Then the commentary on U.S. stations. Now I'm watching the entire rerun on BBC America. My little pinkie is cramped from keeping it help up 'just so' while sipping gallons of tea to wash down my Irish soda bread slathered in thick butter.

God save the Queen.
God save Wills & Kate.
And God save the caterer!

Jayne said...

I was so bummed that my co worker had scheduled a doctor appointment and day off so I wasn't able to take a day myself :-( I had to settle for listening to the TV in the living room while I put my make up on for work in the bathroom and then reading about it online at work and going through the photo galleries. I wish I had been able to celebrate properly. After all, I *am* British, even if I live in Texas.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Was that not the PERFECT dress?!! Love the Chuckles tiara moment hee hee

Watching reruns on TV and still getting weepy...sheesh

Kris said...

After seeing Fergy's daughters' hats, I could only imagine the target practice Doctor Who's delightful River Song would have had yesterday. To quote: "What in the name of creation 'ave you got on your 'ead??" What where some of those women thinking???

Kyna said...

Elise: So glad to have someone to share in the big moments of the day with! :)

Yes, watching Mr. Middleton was really cool. He was beaming. :D They all were. Except the Queen. But her dress did the beaming for her. In a good way :D

Such an awesome, awesome day!! :D

Alison: I can't really blame most people for not gettting up before the crack of dawn. But you had to have caught some of it at some point in the day, it was on most of the channels! lol

Chuck IS a keeper. I have my own Prince Charming. Well. More like Prince Cheeky :P

Kris: There was no way I was putting my unmade-up face on camera. No effing way :) Makeup only takes me 5 minutes. And the video will last forever!

I watched pretty much the entire day. I watched the full rerun right after it as well. Then I probably saw them get married about 5 more times at least. It was interesting to see how much they cut out of each subsequent rerun. lol

And those hats? Lord. I really liked some of the them, but Beatrice's took the cake. I'm sure she knew it was going to, good or bad, or she wouldn't have worn it. Eugenie's wasn't much better. It looked like a blue canoe.

LOL @ the Doctor Who reference! :D

Jayne: I wouldn't have been able to miss it. I put in so much planning. I probably should have offered to help my friends move yesterday (they've been moving over the last three days), but I just couldn't bring myself to put down the Jaffa Cakes and put on some real clothes.

Ms S: The dress was PERFECT. And did you see the one she changed into for her reception? It was also white and had some sort of fluffy little jacket. Sounds terrible when I describe it, but it looked really elegant!

As I told Kris, I watched all freaking day long :D And I ALSO kept getting weepy. No shame in it! :)

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Kyna, I read all the reviews of the wedding this morning, but without a doubt, yours is the best. As an expatriate, I got up early and thoroughly enjoyed it all ... no scones though, just Irish oatmeal. Does that count? (William was wearing the uniform of the Irish guards, after all.)Now I am reluctant to take down the large Union Jack that is flying in front of my house for the past week. The fabulous wedding made me realize I am British and proud of it. P x

Rohrerbot said...

LOL!!! The first pic was the best along with the vid. I have to admit that I didn't watch so thanks for the painless and fun highlights:) Have a great weekend.

Is the Wiz said...

Dear Kyna, That's the best commentary ever, succinct and to the point. I hate the way TV commentators drivel on to pad it out. Think you should be the official Royal correspondent from now on! With Chuck's asides you'd be a smash.

Marguerite said...

I didn't watch the wedding, just looked at the photos but hilariously they had to send out an email at my workplace to tell people to stop bloody streaming the wedding cause they were crashing the computer system. Everyone was pretty excited but had they seen Chuck's tiara I think they would have been over the moon!

biobabbler said...

Agree with many of your comments on folks @ wedding. Mrs. Cameron--what the hell? A HUGE occasion, SUPER formal possibilities, why a regular old running-errands green dress? SUCH a wasted opportunity, it kills me. Katie's mom looked wonderful and I agree re: queen looking delightful in happy yellow. Sweet.

And Princess Wacky Art Hat (I, too, thought immediately of GaGa) -- uh, I thought one was supposed to consider the BRIDE (& groom, but, you know) the STAR, so you are to wear nothing that detracts attention from her. It's RUDE. CALL me a WASP. But, really, how "NOT ABOUT YOU!!!" can a situation get before someone maybe considers, hm, so, perhaps I should suppress my endless need for attention this ONE DAY and be MILD?

Year ago I attended a wedding and tho I really wanted to wear my fav. dress (most flattering, makes me happy, perfect level of formality, etc.) I did not 'cause it was RED. Not slightly red, but RED. So, no.

Cute video, and LOVE that Chuckles is sporting the tiara. Awesome. Thanks for sharing! =)

(oh, ps, mentioned you and your blog on MY blog--catching up with unanswered quizzes, this one being tomato-flavored)

John Gray said...

I loved the whole thing too ( including the brides brother!!)

Ali said...

Ooo Kyna I loved the wedding, and Harry is HOT. I've had my eye on him for quite a while, and although I am pretty sure I am almost old enough to be his mother, I think we could make a go of it.

I'd take to a tiara almost as well as that lovely husband of yours.

What an effort you put in getting up in the middle of the night for it... we were lucky here, it started at 6pm... lots of girls-in-tiaras parties there were.