Sunday, January 2, 2011

'Auld Lang Syne' is Scots-Gaelic for 'Let's Party and Kiss Strangers'

I was planning on writing some sort of end of the year blog post. But I was too busy having fun.

Then I was planning on writing a 'beginning of the year' blog...and then I found myself caught up in fun again.

So this is my small 'Happy New Year even though I'm late and it's already January 2' blog post.

Chuckles and I spent New Year's Eve at home. He actually made it to midnight this year, which is a rare event. Ordered pizza and played cribbage and Scrabble all night. We're TOTAL hooligans.

New Year's Day was actually pretty nice, after all the ugly cold we've been having. I wish the sun had been out a little more, but beggars can't be choosers.

We decided to go out to the park and have a picnic.

See IG? I probably do eat pig uteri on a regular basis, I just don't realize it because it's all ground up into a delicious chili dog.

Even my stepdaughter ate 2 of them. And she's super picky about what she eats.

We played frisbee (ok, Chuck and Desiree played and I drank wine and defended my face against errant frisbee throws) and kicked around the soccer ball.

Then on the way home, we decided to pick up some firewood and have a fire in the backyard. Desiree wanted to roast marshmallows. I just like setting stuff on fire.

We sat there for a few hours, with some blues music cranked out into the backyard, sipping on Molson Canadians (Chuck said he was trying to make me feel like I was at home).

(Forget being younger than my dad, the Canadian flag is younger than my husband! O_O)

Happy New Year, everyone!


Zoe said...

Happy New Year, Kyna. Hope your 2011 is totally awesome :)

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

Happy New Year... You and Chuck really are Hooligans, I cannot believe you were doing something as dangerous as playing Scrabble.

I would imagine Desiree doesn't realise she's eating pig's Uteri... Omg, I'm going to be sick, but saying that I just had toad in the hole for dinner (that's sausages in yorkshire pudding in case you've never heard of it) so I too have probably just eaten some. Urgh.

Well, it was tasty when it was going down!

Is It Just Me? said...

Happy New Year Kyna and Chuck, you hooligans! By the way, that is such a beautiful photo of the two of you at the end of your latest blog post.

Love you guys!

Dawn xxx

Tweedlebug said...

Aw, I love that photo of you two at the end!

Happy New Year!


fer said...

Happy new year! great to see you had so much fun

Is the Wiz said...

Happy New Year y'all! Loving your firepit, by the way

Jayne said...

Happy New Year Kyna. Wishing you all sorts of awesomeness in 2011 :-)

Bub said...

Happy New Year you hooligans, you!

Gary said...

Nice one Kyna......Fire and beer, what more do you want? (although, dont ask Mr IG or he would tell you!) Happy New Year!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey EX-Canuck girl & Chuckles
Happy New Year and I am totally jealous about roasting marshmallows (even though I too enjoy setting things on fire .. mainly my marshmallows 'cause I love that burnt taste .. go figure I used to eat the heads off spent matches when I was a kid .. who knows why ??) any ways .. they won't let us have a little fire pit thing here because of some stupid by-law when some towny redneck probably almost set Kingston on fire sort of thing .. I so miss a roasted set on fire marshmallow .. could you possibly mail one to me next time Kyna ?? huh??
Joy wink wink

Anonymous said...

You wild things, you really know how to party for the New Year!

The Idiot Gardener said...

Pig Uteri; it's so 2011!

We stayed in too. Staying is the new going out, or the new black. No, wait, pig uteri is the new black.