Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Toast!

My stepdaughter Lindsay and her boyfriend (I guess he's the fiancé now) Mike just got engaged!

He asked her in the park on this lovely evening, and they stopped by on the way home for some well deserved congratulations!

Lindsay had her glasses on because she tore her contact lens, so like a good woman-friend I asked for her permission to take an engagement picture avec glasses. She was so happy, she didn't give a shit (as it should be) :)

Some good friends of ours, Kim and Fred, gave us a bottle of Red Cat wine when they last stayed to visit. As it was a colossal bottle (magnum) of wine, we hadn't had the occasion to crack it open as of yet, lest we be shitfaced beyond recognition.

Today was just the occasion to bust it out!

I think Chuck needed it...the sight of the ring on his daughter's finger made him a little woozy...

Congrats Lindsay and Mike!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ahhhhhhh ! that is too cute : )
Congrats to the happy couple !!
And too funny ... that look on Chuck's face ? hehehehe
Number One Son and his American wife will be married one year in September and they are still going through the red tape process .. but it is coming close that all this silly crap will be done and he will finally move out and down south .. "Failure to Launch" was modeled after him, just so you know ? LOL

The Idiot Gardener said...

A Toast? Shouldn't that be 'He's Toast!'

What is it with the youth of today? If they're not jacking up designer drugs or getting their ballsacks pierced, they're condemning themselves to a lifetime of misery in premature nuptials. Don't they realise that's the rest of the lives doing 9 to 5 at the pickle factory just to be able to buy some plastic furniture?

Do them a favour; head out to the woods with them both and an axe, and return alone. It's the best way.

Kyna said...

Joy: Haha! Well, at least he and his wife are going through the proper channels. Immigration took me much longer than that, the way it happened to me.

IG: Well, she takes after her stepmother in that she picked an old-ish guy. Mike'll be 40 soon, so this isn't his first rodeo. And she's older than me than when I married her (really old) dad, so she's already smarter there.

Besides, an engagement is an excuse for wine. :)

Don't be such a dramatic bastard. I know you love your wife, because if you didn't, when you whisk her off to an exotic location for her birthday, you'd just leave her there instead of bringing her back.

Marriage has some really, really (really) shitty bits, but it's worth it if you've married the right person. Especially if they already own their own furniture.

Anyway, I'd much rather be married than pierce my ballsack. If I had a ballsack. 'Cause I don't. Honestly.

Marguerite said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Is it just me or does her soon to be hubby look a bit like Chuck? Don't they say daughters always marry their fathers? My hubby swears up and down there's no resemblance between him and my father (he can't stand my dad) but truth be told there are a few similarities.

Kyna said...

I think it's the hair. Chuck's sister Laura commented on a picture of the couple a few months ago, and said something like, 'Oh, I thought that was your dad!' Lindsay was kind of pissed lol. He IS a bit similar..:P Mike's a cool guy. Just like Chuckles ;)

John Gray said...

I love photos like know the ones taken after a wine or two!!!