Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video Blog ~ Kyna's Garden Tour

Complete with a soundtrack of cicadas, crunchy grass and witty commentary!


Aerie-el said...

Kewl, now I can say I've seen a garden in NC!
So many comments come to was a blast to get this tour in your own spoken words; thank you, Governor Mouton, you are now my new favorite plant because I'll sound French when I say your name; weeds, I got a million too; Blair Witch, whooaaa, slow down that panning; Portulaca, what a great, tough plant; corn fields and Stephen King, cool-sounding but spooky (I wouldn't go in there either, but it would be because of the children). Oops, excuse me, I need to pop out to get a sandwich and beer and ponder what to do about my giant gas tank here...

John Gray said...

love the sunflowers
clever sod

Jayne said...

I can so relate! This heat and drought is hard on us and our gardens. I've found if I go out about 7:38 - 8:00 in the evening I can spend a little tie either weeding or watering till the sweat starts pouring off me. I love caladiums and mums too - they are hard to kill!

Søren said...

Thanks for the tour; it was immensely enjoyable! (And why yes, indeed; I did have a beer. And it was lovely and - I'm sure - enhanced the experience.)

I do like that corn field as a next-door neighbour; corn is such a wonderfully tall crop that it makes a great hedge at the back of your lawn. And as for the weeds? Well, if they will live then let them live, I'd say. I do moderate weeding, but keeping everything squeaky-weed-free isn't my style either, and some of them seem to have good enough foliage to warrant their acceptance.

And... I love hearing people's voices when I've never met them. In my strange, anglophile head everybody who writes in English must - surely! - have a British accent, and it's so nice to throw away my generic impression of people's voices and get a real, personal voice attached to their typings.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Enjoyed the tour! They're not weeds, they're green living mulch ;) I love the analogy of the witch's legs, we had some pumpkins do that to us last year (turned out for us it was vole damage).

The crape myrtle looks great, but I wonder why no flowers? Could try a tomato food perhaps, to encourage blossoms? I remember your cherry was looking great in spring, I'm sorry it's struggling with the heat. I'm amazed the bloodgood hadn't turned into a total crispy critter. I'm guilty of frying one or two of those at our last house. Blasted heat ;)

Al said...

I'll have to come back and have a proper look when I am back home.
Deb and I have gone away to a beach side resort for a weekend. Trust us to pick a weekend in the middle of winter!

Melissa said...

Loved it! What a blast. I can feel the heat from here.

The Idiot Gardener said...

100 degrees? Ballsacks to that!

Mind you, your garden is fucking huge! You could hold a festival on it. That'll annoy the rednecks!

Phillip said...

Enjoyed the tour! You have so much space for expansion (that is, if you can stand the heat, ha!)

Kyna said...

Aerie-el: Mouton!!!

John: I guess you must be calling me a clever sod, and not the grass. The grass isn't clever enough to figure out how not to be crunchy.

Jayne: I tried to go out really early or really late...really early is too early for me, and really late resulted in getting eaten by mosquitoes and sand fleas. :P

Soren: I hate my voice. A lot. I'm very nasally, and my accent is horrible. Chuck tells me that he thinks it's cute, and I wonder if he's got a hearing problem. But I know what you mean. I like knowing something about the bloggers I follow and my online friends around the world. I especially like hearing what they sound like. One time I was on a webcam talking with our friend Timmy in England, and I made him say the word 'Coke' like 5 times. Just 'cause the way he said it sounded cool. I think he thought I was mental.

I do like the corn crops a lot. It makes me feel like I'm REALLY in the South. lol

Clare: I'll try anything, tomato food included. I keep thinking it's because the tree isn't mature enough, but there are smaller trees that bloom bigger than mine. Ha! Bigger. That would imply that my tree blooms at all...

Al: I love the idea of it being winter in Australia (I'm sure you don't!) Never having travelled to the Southern Hemisphere, I find it a novelty that the seasons are the opposite. Australia is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit.

Melissa: Doesn't it just SOUND hot? It's the cicadas. The whirr and buzz just makes it hotter...they seem to love the heat. It's a very 'Southern' sound that I had to get used to when I moved here.

IG: Well, thank you for watching the first minute of my video, I hope you went and got yourself a beer (or five) instead of listening to the rest. If you hadn't, you'd be disappointing me!

My yard is pretty fucking big. For a city girl who always lived in neighbourhoods where the houses were no more than 3 feet away, it's interesting living in the country and having so much space. Even 5 years after first landing here.

I do wish I had a fence though. I can't sunbathe naked without causing a neighbourhood scandal.

Phillip: I know, my yard is so empty! 'Room for expansion' is the nice term for it. I wish I could do more with it...but I either risk the roots getting into something they shouldn't, or Chuckles bitching about something I've planted that's inconvenient to his mowing! I can't win ;)

Kal said...

Oh god. The heat. My god the heat.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Canuckgirl !
Fabulous tour ;-) .. I had a beer last night .. does that count ?
Cornfields .. ya' the "King" but also "Signs" ? hehehe .. any strange aliens drop by lately .. maybe they are zapping your garden plants and that is why some of them are not doing well .. so I would blame THEM for that !
I am totally jealous of your HUGE rosemary plants .. I can only grow dinky ones here and try to dry/jar them but it ain't enough darn it!
Cool tour girl .. damn it is hot here too .. can't wait for Autumn!!!
Joy ;-)