Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pissed Off In North Carolina

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted?

*ducks the rotten tomatoes thrown at her by followers*

John totally shamed me in a comment on my last post.

I'm sorry John. I promise I'll stop being such an absent cow ;)

What brought me to writing today?

Outrage, that's what.

The other night, I was eating dinner and watching telly.

Minding my own fucking business.

And suddenly I get ambushed by an anti-gay marriage commercial.


I was so disgusted, I wanted to throw my plate of food at the screen.

Of course they have to include, "Everyone has the right to live their own lives and be with who they choose, but NO ONE has the right to redefine the word marriage."

This line was closely followed by a huge close-up of the Bible.

I was literally yelling at my television.Why is this discrimination allowed?

My state is trying to pass anti-gay marriage legislation right now. You have no idea how much I wish I was allowed to cast a vote against it.

Replace 'gay' with women or people of ethnicity and they'd have to rent out a storage unit at the State Capitol for all the hate mail.

Because not too fucking long ago in our long history as a civilization, these groups were not considered 'citizens' and their rights were minimal to none.

I will never get why straight people are so goddamned afraid of gay people.

Because that's what it is.

Fear of something people don't understand.

And our education system sucks here. The health care system sucks even worse. The government is cutting funding to all sorts of areas.

But they're gonna spend an assload of money on a stupid law that will prevent gay people from being able to get legally married.

Way to get your priorities straight (pun intended), government.

Fucking ridiculous.

Prop 8 all over again.


Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

I can well understand your frustration.
Just how the fuck does it change any straight person's life if a gay person is allowed to get married? I don't understand why people even give a flying eff what other people do.

These people will still be gay and still live together regardless of whether these asswipes stop them being legally married.

Chuffing ridiculous and it's all just to distract the wider population from the fact we're all in economic shittips - yet they can't seem to recognise there's more important things to be dealing with right now. i.e. getting out of recession and getting people into work.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I thought all the haters would have died off by now but apparently there is another whole generation that we will one day have to stuff into the Thunderdome. I got no patience for these hillbillies which makes me a hater but at least I hate the right people for the right reasons.

Marguerite said...

It really is shocking in this day and age when you see such nonsense going on. Why is religion ruling our world? On a similar note, we had to sign mortgage documents this week and there was a big curfuffle because we aren't married. We are common law spouses, been together 9 years now, own a home together but because we have refused to get married we had to sign documents stating we were NOT spouses under the provincial law. Hubby was very angry. Whether you want to be married or not is a personal choice every person should be allowed to make.

Turling said...

Well, from your disappearance, I had assumed you had joined a convent. This post casts doubts upon that now, though.

Prop 8 is in the process of being overturned by the Courts, by the way. Unfortunately, the haters got a jump on everyone else, so it takes forever and a day to set things right.

"Can't we all just get along?"

Sarah said...

I was very sad & angry to see this bullshit ban had been passed.

The vitriol is so ridiculous and the wording so vague, it even does away with domestic partnerships between straight couples!

I read also that many of the voting public didn't understand what exactly the vote was for or what its effects would be.

Happily, I do feel that among the younger generations this issue isn't the big hairy deal older citizens make it, and hold out the hope that once all those old suckers are dead or too frail to get their asses to the voting booths, stuff like this will get overturned and we'll be closer to true equality for all peoples.

I only wish we could speed up the process. Minnesota is facing a similar vote on a ban this November and I would love to see my home state shout "NO!" in a unified, resounding voice.

The Idiot Gardener said...

I am outraged. I mean it, fucking outraged. There are some tyhings in life that you can joke about, some you just ignore, and others that irritate, but thius: this has me spitting blood.

Eating your dinner AND watching television? You mean you have a television in the dining room? Christ on a greasy saveloy, what kind of in-bred thinking led to that decision?

As for the anti-gay marriage advertising thing, what the fuck is that about? We have adverts selling peas and beer - although not in the same advert. There's one where a polar bear is inside the freezer with a packet of frozen peas on his knackers. Don't panic, it's not real. The bear I mean, the peas are real. They're nice peas; they're the ones I buy, but I hate the fucking bear. He's smug.

I couldn't be gay. I hate soft furnishings. However, if people are gay, why does it matter if they want to get married. Unless that bear turns up. Then I'm against it, nice peas or not.

Isn't North Carolina also known as the big gay state?

Chris said...

Like the idiot, I couldn't be gay either. I've had a colonoscopy and I didn't enjoy it one bit, so I guess I'd be a useless gay man. I could be a lesbian though. I'd be ok at that.

That said (jokingly) I can't bear folk that judge others based on their sexuality, race, or creed.

I'd throw my plate of food at your screen too Kyna.

csmith2884 said...

miss you...just sayin'

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