Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Chuck's test results, that is. :D

Chuck's oncologist (The Amazing and Very Awesome Dr. Walker...in fact, I'm going to suggest to him next time I see him that he should have those words embroidered on the back of his white coat) told us right off that the scan looked clean, and I let out a long breath that I swear I've been holding for 2 months straight.

Chuck and I were walking (ok, skipping) down the stairwell to the parking lot afterwards, and I burst into tears and had to hug him before we went outside. I can't even explain the relief.

All of the lung issues he was having in December that prompted all of this extra worry were most likely complications due to bronchitis, according to the doctor.

I'm dancing in my chair right now. We just got back from Greenville. And we're both enjoying a celebratory Newcastle Brown.

Thank you for all your prayers and good vibes. I truly believe they help, as I mentioned last time. I promise I'll be less sappy from now on. It's just that a world without Chuckles is not any sort of world I want to imagine for a very long time...and I kept imagining it. And it was horrible for me to keep this all in my head for the last two months.

Anyway, stress gone. Go give someone you love a hug, dammit!


Alison said...

Kyna, What a relief! So glad to hear the news. A little sappy now and then is ok.

biobabbler said...


Kal said...

Good things happen to good people. It was the love of a good woman that saved his life. Enjoy every moment.

Melissa said...

yayaya! It's GREAT news Tuesday!

Kyna said...

Alison: I'm glad it's not too much...I don't want to give anyone a toothache ;)

Bio: I completely echo that sentiment :D

Kal: Normally I would brush that off with a blush and a 'pshaw!'. But I won't today.

I'm very happy I met Chuck. He was a 3-pack a day smoker for 30 years. When he met me, he decided it would be a good time to quit smoking, because I don't smoke. I think he was trying to impress me lol. A year after he quit smoking, he found out he had lung cancer. The tumour was probably growing when I met him. I didn't even ask him to quit, I thought he was so awesome I wouldn't have minded (even thought I didn't want to go out with a smoker). He wanted to do it all on his own, and I know how hard it is. He did it cold turkey. If I hadn't met him, and he hadn't had an incentive to quit, the cancer might have won. I believe in free will, but also in fate. How else would I have ended up 2500 miles away from home, married to a 49 year old American man? :) Oh jeez, here I am getting sappy again. I promised...

Kyna said...

Melissa: Is that a meme challenge? Now I'm going to feel pressured every Tuesday to find some sort of good news to trumpet about lol.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

That is great news! I know that's a huge relief for the both of you.

Kal said...

Your story gives hope to this tundra dwelling caveman Kyna. Hope the two of you have many years together.

ChickenFreak said...

WooHOO! Congratulations!

Søren said...

No. Words. :-)

Well, actually maybe a few words beside "YAY" and "HOORAY"; on Monday my dad got the first screening results after his radiation therapy from November to January, and it seems they managed to kill off everything that needed killing off!!! So I guess I relate quite closely to this entry and am so very, very happy for you.

(Of course my dad now still has a lot of recovery to do after the therapy, and the cancer might return again, but... For now things are looking surprisingly good!)

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

So glad to hear Chuck is ok :)

Such a massive relief for you, and I too couldn't imagine life without my boyfriend.

(would hug someone I love, only I'm all alone until Saturday, so it'll have to wait :( )

Al said...

Fantastic news!
Nothing wrong with sappy.
Especially about your important people.

Bub said...

I can't tell you how damn pleased and relieved I am for both of you. You have the right to get as sappy as you want - sap away!

Kris said...

Kyna - Here's a BIG HUG for you! (and Chuck). I'm so happy for both of you! :-D

Kyna said...

Catherine: Thank you! :)

Kal: Meeeee too :)

ChickenFreak: I second that Woo-hoo! Thanks!

Soren: Thank you so much, and I'm also so glad about your dad! I've been so wrapped up in my own stress, I haven't been around to other people's pages much. Thank you for stopping by to tell me the good news :D

Liz: I should have edited that to say you should run out and hug the first person you see. Your mailman might have been very happy! lol

Al: You're right. A little sap factor is ok in small doses I guess ;)

Bub: Thank you so much! :)

Kris: Thanks Kris! I'm not a huggy person, but today I feel like hugging everybody and everything. Dogs, Liz's mailman, my boss...there are going to be a lot of surprised, 'hugged' people (and pets) today! lol

Jess said...

Holy Cow Kyna thats great! Just great. Whew.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Woo Hoo!! I am thrilled and a little choked up myself. *sniff*

Newcastle Brown sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! :)

ONG said...

Fantastic news! Happy for you both. Hope you enjoyed that Newcastle.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Awesome news Kyna! As someone who's kicked cancer's ass, but often feels like she's waiting for the other shoe to drop, I know how relieved you feel! Take that cancer, and whooohoooo congrats Chuck!

Jim Groble said...


Is the Wiz said...

Lots of love to you both. Newky Broon, eh? A lady of rare taste and refinement :)!

Kyna said...

Jess: Thanks! Holy cow is right :D

Ms S: I think I spent the last two days with intervals of getting choked up. ;)

ONG: Actually, we ended up enjoying three :D And they were awesome.

Clare: I think Chuck and I will always feel like we're waiting for that proverbial 'other shoe' as well, but for now we feel pretty damn good :) I think the worst part of each oncologist visit is when the doctor has to feel Chuck's neck and stomach, he's super ticklish. Sometimes I think he'd rather get blood taken than be inadvertantly tickled lol

Jim: Outstanding indeed!

Is: We love us some Broons, we do. :D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna it has been a while since I have been here .. I'm so glad things are going so RIGHT for you guys : )
It is a terrible stress .. I know .. I am waiting for a biopsy myself and it is all I can think of some days.
I'm sure it will be fine though .. it is not allowed to be any other way damn it ! LOL
I'm so happy all is well with you and Chuckles : )

Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass... said...

Wonderful - just so delighted for you both. your post brought tears to my eyes and there was no-one home to hug! But it is good to be reminded about being grateful for good health in yourself and your loved ones.

Oh and sappy - well sappy has its place! With it sarky is too stark and happy is fecking annoying!!

Elephant's Eye said...

Sap away! Go Chuckles! I think you have spent two months of waiting as I once did - that terrible feeling that your face, is an actual porcelain mask you wear. Now your smile can crack the mask. I share your joy ;~)

The Idiot Gardener said...

Way to go. I fucking knew it. I have just started a batch of alcoholic ginger beer, and I shall deciate it to Mr Chcukles, naming it the Mister Chuckles Monolung Wheezing Oncology Piss Juice. I shall send a bottle when it's complete.

I presume that Barack Hussein Obama allows monolung freaks to receive ginger-based alcoholic beverages from overseas, or does he piss his pants like he does if you send seeds?

Kyna said...

Joy: I think most of the stress is in the waiting. I'm sure you'll be fine too, Joy :D

Byddi: One of my friends told me that now that Chuckles is in the clear, I can be mean to him with a clear conscience LOL. :)

Diana: That's an interesting way of putting it...my face pretty much was a mask for that long. Usually I can put on some sort of happy, silly face and fake it, but this time was very hard. I found my funny again :)

IG: Haha! I have no idea. Try it and see ;)

I like the name. Sounds like one of those old patent medicines snake-oil salesmen used to peddle in the 1800's to hysterical housewives. :P

Anonymous said...

Kyna, what amazing good news! God is good, yes?

Tatiana said...

Woot! Congrats! I am happier for you, than I should be for an internet stranger. Great endorsement hey?

On a similar note, I just finished reading Anti-Cancer by Dr. Servan-Schreiber at the urging of a friend, and it was awesome. Not only do I really feel like I understand it, I also feel like I can mitigate the risk of it. It was way better than I expected, and I read a LOT.

Phillip said...

I am behind on my blog reading - I'm so glad to hear this!