Sunday, October 23, 2011

Move Over, Partridge Family...

...because all we need is a psychadelic bus and a cute little redhead.

Oh wait. We've already got one of the two.


Most people go out to see live music on Saturday nights.

In the Adams household, we create our own fucking concert.

Remember how I said I was supposed to sing at my stepdaughter Lindsay's wedding last weekend and wasn't able to?

I got home from work yesterday and Chuck said, "You better prepare for a concert tonight."

I assumed Lindsay's husband Mike was going to bring over his guitar, we'd have a couple of beers, and I would sing. We'd film it for blogging (and perhaps humiliation) purposes of course.

My new son-in-law ended up bringing a whole stage set-up with him.

Guitars, PA, a mic, effects pedal...the whole bit.

Chuck jamming with his Mike's son Nathan

Lindsay looking like a hot roadie

It felt weird setting up a microphone in my fucking living room.

"I feel like that thing is a poinsonous snake or something," I told Mike, eyeing the microphone. "I wouldn't know what to do with one of those things."

" just sing into it."

"I know! But I'm so loud and obnoxious, I've never needed a microphone for anything!"

I love to sing. But it's usually only in the shower or in my car. Basically I like to sing when I'm naked or driving. Or naked AND driving.

I'm not Mariah Carey or anything, but I can hold a tune. I just have to pick the right songs for my range (which is very, very narrow).

I've done karaoke three times, once when I was forced at a Gaelic Football function (which was a surprisingly decent effort at Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It"), and twice at a bar with friends (both of these attempts were kind of dodgy).

Last night was way more fun than karaoke!

My first song was "Hotel Yorba" by the White Stripes.

This is what it sounds like in case you don't give a shit about The White Stripes (in which case, I must question your musical taste):

And I also decided to do The White Stripes' "We're Gonna Be Friends", which is a really pretty song.

My new step-grandson-in-law (yikes) Nathan makes a surprise cameo at the end. It's worth watching for that even if you don't want to hear me sing another White Stripes song (but I think I sound pretty nice)...


Yes, I cheated with a lyrics sheet. Most of the song doesn't change up, so I get confused with the verses.

So sue me.

Did you see the fake laser-glare I gave Nathan? Priceless. He kind of looked Mr. Bean-esque when he wandered in front of the camera. It made the video that much more awesome.

Anyway, here's the original version:

What an awesome night. I don't think I've had that much fun in a long time. 

I totally pretended I was singing to a stadium full of people.

Not really. I felt awkward. But looking at Chuckles whilst I was singing helped. He looked pretty impressed with me, made me laugh and feel good about myself. Like a good husband should.

So anyway, I want opinions, but please be kind. Posting video of myself singing should have been one of the entries on my bucket list.

Because it's taking a lot of balls to do it!



John Gray said...

just like the war years when everyone had to make their own fun!!!!!

Kyna said...

Why does that make you sound like a pirate? :P

Yes, after singing, we read books by candlelight and rationed household goods.

Alison said...

Go Kyna, you ginger singing wonder! Not only do you have balls, you also have talent!

Liza said...

Who doesn't like the White Stripes?

I enjoyed your musical stylings!

Kyna said...

Alison: I'm going to get a t-shirt made that sanys "Ginger Singing Wonder" on it :D

Liza: Crazy people, that's who.

Thanks! When I told people I was going to sing at their wedding, almost every person was like, "YOU can sing?"

That really pissed me off. :)

Kooky Girl said...

Ha!Ha! That's funny. I should do the same. We bought that game Wii Sing for the Wii and I LOVE it. I love singing in the car too and can hold a tune. That is just my opinion. Why not make beautiful music with your family in the lounge ? Bloody lovely! :o)

Kyna said...

We had a completely brilliant time. Last night, my stepdaughter and son in law came over for dinner, and we're already planning on doing a second music night :D

Chad B said...

Hey Kyna, I just saw this video on another blog:!

It's "We're Gonna Be Friends" signed by a group of deaf kids. They did a pretty good job at it.

Kyna said...

That was awesome, Chad :D

I think I teared up a little...