Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cumberbitch Sandwich

When I'm not posting as often as I should, you can bet that I'm either working or immersed in one of my many (not too creepy) obsessions.

This past couple of weeks, it's been both. Work has been crazy, with Christmas coming up.

I've found also found a fabulous new obsession that's taken up all my free time outside of work.

Most of my obsessions have to do with music or books, rarely TV. And rarely am I inspired to write about my TV obsessions, because I think most people won't give a shit and why bother.

The last time I posted about a TV obsession was in Crazy, Sexy, Funny, where I wrote about 'Black Books', an eccentric Britcom about a small bookshop owner named Bernard Black, who drank too much, smoked to much, and insulted pretty much everyone he met.

This time, my TV obsession is all about 'Sherlock', the 2010 modern adaptation of the classic Holmes literature.

The show stars Benedict Cumberbatch (how fucking awesome is that dude's name?) as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman (the star hobbit in the upcoming 'The Hobbit') as Dr. John Watson. The first season is comprised of three 2 hour episodes.

My friend Kristyn lent it to me around a month or two ago (can't remember exactly, time gets blurry for me sometimes). I kind of kept forgetting about it...

The other day I vowed I would spend my day off watching them. I feel bad when I don't return something I was lent in a timely fashion.

What. A. Fucking. Idiot. I. Am.

For putting off watching them, that is.

When Kristyn lent them to me, I didn't realize they were a modern adaptation. I love Sherlock Holmes, the movies (plural, because the new one is coming out imminently) with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are super awesome (anything with Robert Downey Jr. in it is super awesome, I glad he finally got off the hard drugs) as are the original classic stories.

I didn't think this could compare to my love of the movies. Most people who are into Sherlock Holmes love the 80's series with Jeremy Brett. I wasn't as into those, because Sherlock has always been kind of hot in my head (well, my idea of 'hot' anyway) and Brett was never my cup of tea. I'm so shallow.

Anyway, I popped the first disc of 'Sherlock' in, and settled on the couch with a glass of wine. After the first 3 minutes I thought, "Hrm. I don't think I'm going to like this..." 

Not knowing it was a modern adaptation, I was a little confused and apprehensive. I may have even yawned.

After the first 10 minutes?

This is 7 minutes later, mind...

I paused the DVD to run to my computer and send Kristyn a Facebook message telling her how fucking amazing and awesome and fabulous 'Sherlock' was and how I may need to make out with her for turning me onto the series and lending me her copy for so long. (Ok, I didn't really tell her I wanted to make out with her, but I was thinking it, and the offer still stands Kristyn! I'll even let you feel me up! Feel free to honk a boob!)

The casting in the show is brilliant. Amazing chemistry between all of the actors. And somehow even though 'Sherlock' is set in modern London, it just fits. It's done by the same people that write 'Doctor Who'.

Cumberbatch and Freeman capture the essence of what make Holmes and Watson interesting characters, whilst infusing things like texting and GPS into the narrative without seeming farfetched.

After I watched them, I immediately wanted to watch them again. In fact, there is a British TV sale starting next week at our store, just in time for me to buy my very own copy and coerce Chuckles to watch it with me.

He's been kind of grumbly about it, "Well, it can't be as good as Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock, can it?"

Well, my answer was that it's just as awesome, just a different sort of awesome.

I love the show for the intelligent, witty dialogue and the fantastic acting.

But I won't lie when I say I want to be the meat in a Holmes-Watson sandwich.


I highly, highly recommend catching this series however you can. The second series starts airing on PBS in May 2012. I heart British television.

Watch. It.


(I had to say 'Cumberbatch' again for no reason, it's too awesome not to.)

Edit:  Decided to start a Tumblr blog to feed my Ben-addiction... visit Cumberbitch Sandwich if you have the same glorious affliction.


John Gray said...

I used to love the "old" sherlock" but absolutely adore the new version . which has a certain depth to it

Alison said...

Love this new Sherlock, apparently there are more coming too. And I was one of those who liked Brett. Actually, I also liked the really old ones with Basil Rathbone, although I'm not *that* old.

Jess said...

Oh, I love brit TV too. I go through phases of watching nothing but, thanks to netflix.

Kyna said...

John: It does have a certain depth that you wouldn't think would be there with a contemporary adaptation, doesn't it?

My favourite scene was in the first episode when they were sitting in the restaurant and Watson was asking Holmes if he had a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I think I replayed that part about 10 times. Awesome. Great chemistry (and a little bit of sexual tension, which delights the hell out of me) between the two actors, as I said :)

Alison: Oh, I like all Sherlock Holmes adaptations, just some appeal to me more than others.

It's funny, because I'm not really a 'mystery' person, but I love the world of Sherlock Holmes. I just bought myself a Christmas present at work (it's employee appreciation week, and we get an extra discount), a leatherbound copy of the complete set of stories. Double awesome.

Jess: I don't have netflix, but I know a couple of people (Kristyn is one of them) that love Brit tv as much as I do, and give me great recommendations. I either borrow or buy :)

Sam said...

Cumberbatch sounds dirty

Kyna said...

I agree. It could be used in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to:

"I'm sorry, I can't sleep with you, I caught a case of Cumberbatch the last week..."


"Damn! Did you see that? She kicked 'er right in the Cumberbatch!"

csmith2884 said...

"Most of my obsessions have to do with music or books, rarely TV. And rarely am I inspired to write about my TV obsessions, because I think most people won't give a shit and why bother."

Please do write what you watch. I get most of my television recommendations from my blogger friends. This has been on my list, but is now moved up some.

Kyna said...

csmith: I don't know what it is about tv/movies and me not writing about them.

In my 'funny little brain' (a quote from 'Sherlock', natch) I always feel like I'm either going to get made fun of for what I like to watch, or people won't really give a shit, like I said, and not comment at all.

And why should I care, right? Someone makes fun of me for liking certain music? (I get a lot of shit for not liking Rush) I brush it off. Who cares?

Books? I used to be a real book snob, and would look down on someone for reading anything I thought was 'trashy'.

Now? When I bought myself 'The Complete Sherlock Holmes' the other day so I could reread the classic literature, the cashiers (who are also my friends) laughed because I said, 'Look! It's the first time in a long time I haven't bought porn!' :D

I like a lot of supernatural/urban fantasy/sex with hot 7 ft tall vampires type of reading material. I finally LET myself like that kind of stuff, and am ready to admit it!

But yeah, tv...I promise if I find something good, I'll trumpet it to the world more often ;)

And make sure that 'Sherlock' has moved up a LOT on your list, not just some! Kyna wills it.

Turling said...

Hmmmm...I'm guessing this is the same one I've seen advertised on BBC America while I'm watching Graham Norton (not THAT show is f-ing hilarious!) I'll have to check it out. And, OF COURSE, we'll be in line for the new Sherlock Holmes movie! Who won't be!!

Kyna said...

Check it out, Turling! It's so awesome. Because I haven't said that enough times already.

The new Holmes flick comes out around the time of my anniversary, I'm thinking that will be what we do for it.

The Idiot Gardener said...

I prefer my Holmes whacked out on coke with deerstalker placed precariously atop his bonce.

Modern reinterpretations are okay, but sometimes they're just a tad too twee.

Cumberbatch? I went to school with a bloke called Cumberballsack. Flickerty Cumberballsack.

Okay, I made that up.

Kyna said...

This one IS whacked out on coke (although the pipe has been replaced by multiple nicotine patches). Deerstalker cap is replaced by rakish scarf.

Twee? What the hell is twee??

Have you actually seen this one? If you haven't, you should.

Twee. Pfft.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This version fantastic. I love how they made Holmes so unlikable but so desperate for affection at the same time. I also loved the relationship with his brother and the final reveal of who Moriarity was. Really spectacular. You want another great short (10 episode) series from England? Try Luthur. I watched that the same time I was watching Sherlock. More mondern day London crime drama but with great acting and story.

Kyna said...

I have a couple of Sherlock Holmes loving friends, and we all agree that it's the Watson that makes the Holmes.

This series was absolutely brilliant. I hounded Chuckles to watch it, and he dug his heels in (as I Sort of mentioned in this post). I finally got him to watch 'A Study in Pink'.

I could tell that he really didn't want to like it (because he knew I love it so much), but that he liked it against his will. He kept giggling in weird places.

After we watched , he said Cumberbatch's Sherlock was over the top.

WTF?? It was awesome! Chuckles has never read the original stories though, and doesn't realize that ACD wrote Sherlock in that way, that there's no embellishment.

I'll keep your rec in mind :)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Well Watson was the first one that Holmes didn't scare away in the first five minutes. I like to think he was carefully chosen by Mycroft for a reason.