Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy, Sexy, Funny

Last Sunday it was really nasty outside, which of course meant it was my day off. Karma gets me like that.

I should have done something constructive with my time. I could have cleaned the house, for example. Or maybe read some fine literature. I could have brushed up on my guitar playing...or learned a new language.

What did I do all day?

Spent it on CrackTube.

I found this Brit-com called 'Black Books'.

Dylan Moran plays a small bookshop owner named Bernard Black. Bernard is a crazy Irishman...smokes too much, drinks too much, is very high-maintenance and has to be taken care of by his much put-upon employee Manny and his best friend Fran.

Hilarious show. Had tears streaming out of my eyes. I sat at my computer all day and watched all 3 seasons, each episode posted in three parts.

All. Day.

Best spent rainy day I've had in a long time. I've been forcing clips on my Facebook friends all week since.

Maybe it's really not that funny. Maybe I find it so funny because I work in a bookshop. The same shit happens to bookshop workers all over the world.

I wish Bernard was my boss.

Maybe I like the show so much because I'm now in love with Dylan Moran. Which brings me to my next thought: Why is 'funny' so sexy to me?

Take any ordinary man. He doesn't have to have traffic-stopping good looks. In fact, a lot of people might not find him good looking at all.

But if he's funny? My panties start trying to escape down my legs.

The sillier the better. A man that isn't afraid to look silly on purpose in front of people is a confident man. And not only that, but a funny man is usually a smart man. Stupid men can be funny, but it's usually by accident and you can tell the difference. They're funny in the way that small children and pets are funny. It's not sexy.

Normal women are attracted to nice bodies...riches...expensive cars...refined manners...aren't they? Not me. Why am I missing this particular chip in my brain?

Funny is sexy as hell. Throw in an Irish/Scottish/English accent? Panties are in full on disintegration mode.


Anthony Bourdain. Not only is he funny, but he can also cook. Makes up for the lack of foreign accent. Boneus!

Daniel Tosh. I'm gonna marry him someday (Don't worry Chuckles. It'll be after you're dead.)

Most of the Pythons. Except Graham Chapman. Even though he was brilliant, 'funny' didn't make him more attractive. He's dead, so I'm sure he won't mind me saying so.

I have a particular attraction to Michael Palin. I think most of the men I find attractive have been in a dress at some point. Or...garters.

Craig Ferguson. A kilt is way sexier than a dress. Even sexier than being naked whilst holding a big meaty bone in front of your genitals. And he's wearing a hot guitar and a furry sporran. My panties are completely non-existant now.

Denis Leary. His nose is kind of all over his face and his teeth are weird, but hot nonetheless because he's hilarious. No foreign accent, but he is of Irish descent so that scores points. And he's also been spotted in a dress. I think he lost a bet.

Now Dylan Moran has joined the ranks of Funny Panty Melters.

Something is truly wrong with me that I find this attractive.

I think that's why I love Chuckles so much. He's funny as hell. Slightly different sense of humour than I have, so I have a hard time making him laugh. I take it as a challenge to get him to do so. REALLY laugh.

He has two different laughs. One of them is a generic laugh. Of course it's technically 'real', but sort of an all-purpose guffaw.

His real laugh comes from somewhere deeper. Balls deep. It's devilish. Bawdy. More like a long cough than a laugh. His brother and his best friend bring that one out in him a lot more often than I can. Drives me batshit.

You wanna know why? Because he can make me laugh my ass off with little effort. Sometimes I almost don't want to laugh, because it means that he wins!

Did I mention we're also very competitive?

One of the clips I posted on FB this week was this one. You'll have to watch it to the end or you won't know what I'm on about. It's short-ish.

Chuck's been giving himself 'Irish hair' all week at random times. I've laughed so hard over it. The only people I used to hang around with were Irish (because I played Gaelic Football, not because I have some weird prejudice towards the non-Irish). Hell, I married Irish.

Mum asked if I had taken any pictures, because she couldn't imagine it. Well, I hadn't. But I came across this one of Chuckles from last year while I was looking for a different picture. He was relaxing at the table after work, no staging. And voilĂ !

Irish hair lives!!

Chuckles may not be rich, but he's in the Funny Panty Melter Club. I'm sure he's melted hundreds of pairs over his 49 years with his rapier wit and his Irish hair.

What say you, Ladies? And you too, my Gentlemen Friends? Is funny sexy?

All right.

Just one more.

I promise.


Is It Just Me? said...

Kyna - I'm with you all the way on "funny = sexy" when it comes to men. You can keep your pretty boys, with their immaculate grooming and expensive clothes - give me a man who makes me laugh ANYDAY! And if he has Irish Hair, so much the better :)

Hugs to you and Chuckles,
Dawn xxx

Alison said...

Funny is definitely sexy. I think you might be my younger, prettier, smarter clone.

Have you ever watched Mock The Week? On that show, Frankie Boyle is "Take No Prisoners" funny, but I don't think I can say he's sexy. Dara O'Briain (the host) is definitely sexy funny, though.

Pardon me while I check out YouTube now.

Kyna said...

Dawn: I went out with a pretty boy once. VERY good looking. ZERO personality. Lasted about a week. Looks aren't everything. They're not even 1/4 of a thing. Funny is IT for me.

Alison: I have watched Mock The Week! I could bone Boyle because of his accent alone. That's just me! But O'Briain can speak Gaelic. Said panties are never coming back.

Is the Wiz said...

Sooo glad you've found Black Books, wondered sometimes if you'd enjoy it. I saw Dylan Moran first, so you'll have to fight me for him! Bill Bailey is also a brilliant comic in his own right, especially when he gets musical. As for accents, well I'm used to Scots, but have happy memories of Charleston, Carolina. Chuck's hair is what we call bed-head. V. cute!

Jayne said...

I agree, funny is definitely sexy. That's why I married Eric :-)
OK - now I have to go check out Black Books...

Kyna said...

Is: Can't you just share? :)

Wow, has everyone been to Charleston but me? Everyone I know keeps telling me I should go. You live across the Atlantic and you've been there...I live 5 hours away and I haven't! :D

I guess since I'm Canadian, American accents are foreign accents, aren't they? But I don't really find any of them 'sexy' per say. The accents, not the Americans ;)

Jayne: Glad I turned you onto something :D Awesome show (in case I haven't said it enough).

Marguerite said...

Pretty boys get old and dumpy, laughing lasts forever. I'll take a funny guy any day. and now it looks like I'll be spending tomorrow with my computer downloading british comedy...

Tatiana said...

I'm SO with you on funny, funny is incredibly wonderfully attractive. I'm not super witty myself, at least not in the moment, which is kind of sad, so when I'm with really funny people I feel like the loser. :(

And I'll throw in Flight of The Conchords into the laugh till I cry mix.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Black Books is class; surprisingly, it's not wildly popular over here. Sadly too many people have Hollywood humour!

Have you seen any Green Wing? It's a bit off the wall, but I loved it. It's subtle and properly in your face in equal measure.

Kyna said...

Marguerite: HaHA, another convert! :D

Tatiana: I love FOTC!! When I first started watching the show, I really didn't think I was going to like it. As soon as I saw the one about Bowie I was hooked :D

IG: I'm not surprised that BB isn't that popular, only because it's just 3 seasons long. I just don't understand though, it's one of the best things I've ever seen.
I haven't seen Green Wing, but I've heard of it. Ever since I left Canada, I don't see a lot of British TV. We sell an assload of it at the store, but it's really expensive. Hence, scrounging for it on YouTube. I'll have to check out Green Wing.

Al said...

Dylan Moran in "A film with me in it" is so funny it hurts.
A brilliant comedian, but I have to say he doesn't melt my pants.

Kyna said...

You're forgiven, Al. You're forgiven. This time.


Rohrerbot said...

Looks disappear over time....but a sense of humor can make the heart go pitter patter....I agree:)


Black books is the BEST..I crack up everytime i watch.

‎"what are you eating?"
"its some sort of delicious biscuit."
"its a coaster."
"is it?! are there any more?!?"