Friday, March 4, 2011

My Mum

It's my Mum's 60th birthday today.

My Mum, Shirley, is the most awesome Mum on the planet. She should get the Nobel Prize for Mummery.

Smart, beautiful, talented. All my friends in school loved her. She was the 'cool Mum'.

She doesn't drink, she doesn't smoke, she doesn't swear. And she was STILL the cool Mum.

I told you a little bit about her background in this recent post.

I never even imagined the day that my Mum would be 60. I never imagined it, because that would mean that I would be turning 30. And I could never imagine myself as 30!

I would think, 'Hmm....I'll be 30 in 2011! That's so far away.' This was back when I couldn't even imagine living in a year that didn't start with a '19'.

Time. Flies.

As a birthday present to herself, my Mum is finally getting herself a computer. I'm very excited about that. We'll be able to follow each other's lives a little more closely. I was always close to her. She and my dad separated when I was 3. She raised me all by herself, and she did a damn good job.

Most kids grow up and move out, leaving parents behind. Around the time just before my dad died, my Mum moved away from me! That was a coincedence (I hope...Mum, you didn't poison Dad, right? :)). She was only a province away though, and it helped me gain independence I might not have otherwise sought. And she deserved a life of her own after devoting most of it to her 3 kids (I'm the brothers are 43 and 37).

And then I totally outdid her by moving 2500 miles away. I haven't even seen a picture of my Mum in 5-ish years. We talked on my aunt's webcam about that long ago...and I haven't 'seen' her since. That's a little hard for me. But we talk a couple of times a week on the phone, and I send her oodles of pictures of me ;)

My creative side comes from her. She's a talented watercolour artist. She writes. She turns old furniture into cool new pieces. She can do amazing things with a garden. She's funny without even trying (unlike myself, who seeks out the mirth of others...sometimes with huge failure :) ). Like I said, she doesn't swear (I know, how could she have produced ME) so she finds creative outlets for her anger.

One time she was upset with me in the car, and I was feeling bad because I was a goody-two-shoes and hated disappointing her, and she thought I was 'smirking' (that's just how my mouth is shaped, I can't help it!) and said, 'Just watch it, Buster!' We couldn't help it. 'Buster' made us burst out laughing :D. She also said 'bloody' a lot, and when she was especially mad or frustrated, she would say 'Jesus Murphy!' I really liked that one.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Mum!! I'm glad you'll be able to read my blog. Close your eyes when I swear or make innuendos, ok? :)


biobabbler said...

aw.... How nice! =)

Hey, now that she has a computer you both can get Skype and talk to and see each other FOR FREE. I talk to a friend (and sometimes business partner of sorts) who's in Canada on Skype and it costs nothing vs. a one-time 40 minute $80 call. Ouch. That one converted me to Skype forever. And father in law benefits from it 'cause it's easier for him to understand folks when he can watch them talk (hearing not great). It's AWESOME. And if you look like crap that day, the video is optional. And it sounds way more clear than our phone.

Happy Birthday to your mom, and so glad her awesomeness helped create yours!


Marguerite said...

What a fantastic photo of your mom, your faces are very similar (although I'm sure you've heard that before). Hard to believe that she doesn't have a computer, seems everyone does these days. You'll have to check out Skype so you can video phone, then you can talk and see her.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

A beautiful tribute to your Mum Kyna! I have a Mum too...not a Mom...I've lived here for what seems like forever, but that 'o' in the middle just ain't right ;) Wishing your beautiful mother a very happy birthday!

Al said...

Mum's are very special!

So Canadian mothers are mums too?

You smirk? I can't imagine that :-)

Kyna said...

Bio: We actually pretty much talk for free anyway. We have digital phone, so the basic package allows me to call Canada for however long and however often I want to. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be able to talk to her much at all. I'm going to help her set up her computer over the phone today, and I'm not very good at doing that. I need to recruit one of my friends to help...maybe buy them a six-pack to help my Mum? LOL

Marguerite: I do look a lot like my Mum, I wish I looked MORE like her :D I always was sad I didn't inherit her nose. We're very similar around the eyes though.

Well, my Mum is the type of person who has a hard time sitting down to do anything, unless it's painting. She can paint for hours without losing focus. Otherwise, she buzzes around like a bee, always working on something. Maybe that's why she didn't get a computer before now :)

Clare: When Chuck says it, it sounds like 'Maahm'. Even though he's lived in the South for 30 years, the New England accent of his birth hasn't quite left him ;) I still say things the way Canadians say them, no matter how much I get made fun of. The other day, our District Manager came for a store visit, and when I left he was still there. I went to say goodbye and shake his hand, and I said, 'I'm out, it was good seeing you', and he said, 'Oot?' with a smirk of his own. Hilarious.

Al: Mums ARE very special. I feel sad for people who don't get along with theirs. Especially women. I didn't have a close relationship with my dad, and my brothers and I love each other but we're not 'close', but my Mum? I can't imagine not being best friends with her as an adult. Yes, Canadian mothers are Mums ;)

I imagine my face can be confusing. On one hand, the way my eyes go (and my Mums) if I'm not smiling, my eyes look angry. But my mouth (unlike my Mum's) is always slightly turned up in the corners. Hence, the perpetual smirk.

I love the word 'smirk' by the way.

Jess said...

Great Moms or Mums :) are a treasure... I have one too and it is the main reason I really want to be a Mom myself!

When my elder units (of the family) finally got on board with online it has changed everything. I have lived away from my family most of my adult life yet I consider us incredibly close...thanks to the internet!

Go Kyna's mum (if you're reading), you can do this and in no time you'll be starting your own blog!

Bub said...

Five years is a long, long time not to have 'seen' each other, so what a difference your mum having a computer is going to make to the both of you. :D

I wouldn't mind betting reading your lovely post will bring a lump to her throat and a tear to her eye.

Happy (belated) birthday, Shirley!

Jayne said...

Happy birthday to your mum, Kyna! My parents have a computer now too and I regularly get emails from them. We also did a Skype call at Christmas, which was great. The world has become a much smaller place :-)

Tatiana said...

I too can't imagine not being close to my mom. Or any family member for that matter. Other than my father, I've been very lucky with relatives, which is good, cause you can't pick them as they say. Moms rock, and yours is very pretty :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna .. your mom and I both say Jesus Murphy !! hehehe .. but .. I say a lot more than BUSTER ! LOL
Your mom sounds amazing .. I wish I could have had one like her too !