Monday, January 9, 2012

Sexual Innuendo Magnetic Poetry Monday


Turling said...

Wow, these special day's are getting rather specific.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Those NEVER turn out that way. I only ever create jibberish sentences.

Sarah said...

Now I'm confused with my you want my taco with a sausage in it, or do you only want tacos that come with sausages, or do you only want sausages that have recently come out of tacos or...

ha ha I have a sneaking feeling these are gonna be my favorite posts to read!

John Gray said...

ah........ the work of Jane Austen is not dead x

Kyna said...

Turling: I think this may even be bigger than Dirty French Fridays.

Cal: Well, I'm going to endeavor to make them interesting every week. And no one will have to correct my shitty French :D

Sarah: Your sexuality is just fine. Taco sausages will not affect it in any way, shape or form.

(Glad you like the new meme!)

John: Jane and I are homies. We understand each other.

Monique said...

MWAH! You're welcome. I knew I was giving that set a good home :)

Chris said...

Hi, I'm Benedict. What about a roasted cock? Ooerr!

Kooky Girl said...

I've been missing French Fridays, just popped by especially for a 'linguistic fix', Magnetic Mondays are pretty good too tho. :o) Happy New Year! Kg.

Kyna said...

Monique: MWAH!

Benedict: Roasted cock? Ouch! I suggest you soak it in cider.

(I also suggest reading that out loud, Mr. Cumberbatch)

KG: Well, I felt like I wasn't coming up with anything funny after awhile, and then there was the fact that my French is really shitty. I don't know, I may keep doing them.

I like to have fun with new things. And this SIMP kit is fun!

The Idiot Gardener said...

I cannot believe that you didn't find a way to use Pickle.

Sexual innuendo isn't sexual innuendo without pickle.

By the by, I have recorded Sherlock. I'll give it a try when I'm bored. Or drunk. Or bored and drunk.

Pickle! You know you want it, Missus!

"Oi oi darling, bend over and show us your pickle!"

"I don't know about the smell, but that's some sort of pickle you've got there, sweetheart."

You see, how can you not use Pickle?


Kyna said...

You must've run out of gerbils. Or shaving cream.

Either way, quit being a twat and watch it. It's fucking fantastic. Although you'll probably disagree with me even if you do like it, because that's how you roll.

Chuckles fought against liking it, and now that we're in the second series he loves it. You men are two rebels in a pod.

Do you know how many permutations and combinations of sexual innuendo delights are in that box?? This IS going to be a weekly thing you know. Pickle's so obvious.

But if you really have a hard on for me to use pickle, I'll do it next week. Just for you, sport.