Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Big Cake to Fit All Those Damn Candles

Chuckles turns 50 today. :)

Chuck has been walking around yelling, "IIIIIIIII'm 50! 50 years old!" this whole last week.

You probably want to watch this video if you don't know what I'm on about.

Chuck's high kick isn't quite as high as Molly Shannon's, but then again he is missing a lung, so let's forgive him for that, shall we?

Some people celebrate their 50th birthdays by throwing a huge party, inviting friends and family from across the continent/world, just to congratulate them for making it this far or to make fun of them in front of everyone for being old. Or both.

What is Chuck doing for his?


Running a marathon?

Scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro?

None of the above.

Chuckles shares his birthday with the Superbowl this year. We're going over to a friend's house to watch the game, eat some homemade corn dogs and clam chowder, and have just a few other good friends to help him celebrate.

And make fun of him for being so old. :)

Currently, he's lying in bed in his pyjamas (which he never does this late in the morning) watching nature shows. 

What a badass, huh? Well, he got his wildness out years ago, thank the sweet baby Jesus in the manger.

He's done a lot in 50 years.

Was born...obviously (Chuck's the one sitting in the middle)

Went to school and played sports... (ball's behind you there, little Chuckles)

Joined the Marines after high school...

Got out of the Marines and grew a beard...

Shaved off beard and met an awesome, hot, young, Canadian chick...

Survived cancer...

Married awesome, young, hot, Canadian chick...

Went on adventures to see all sorts of awesome things...(and he did get to climb a mountain as you can see, just not one in Africa)

Married off his oldest daughter...

....and his favourite, finally got to see a UNC Tar Heel basketball game in person.

Like, I said, Chuck's lived a full life in 50 years. Sometimes a little too full, there are stories I've heard about him that I don't even like to think about too hard, let alone blog about. Yikes.

Glad I got to spend the last 7 of Chuck's years with him.

I remember when I met him, he was just about to turn 43. I thought, "Wow, in 7 years, he'll be 50! And I'll be 30... That's so far away though...")

Well, 50's here now.

Happy Birthday, Chuckles!! You're 50!

50 years old!!!!!

Here's to the next 50 years!!

(And yes Chuck, I can hear you grumbling right now, "Not gonna make it another 50 years...*grumble*", and you can just stop it :) )


Alison said...

Happy Birthday Chuckles!

John Gray said...

pass the tissues..... quite, quite lovely

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

Happy BDay Chuck!!!

50 is a bit mindblowing right now; I'm trying not to think about the big three - o.

Have a great day :)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That was a great tribute. He is truly one magnificent bastard. He deserves you which is a very comforting thing to know, if that makes any sense.

Al said...

Happy birthday Chuck!

Chris said...

Happy B-day to Chuckles!

Sounds like quite a nice birthday treat to me too.

My partner's 50th is coming up soon. I thought about booking her a skydiving 'experience' too )whether she likes it or not LOL).

You're a great couple.x

csmith2884 said...

Happy birthday You two are such a great pair.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Dead man walking! 50 is SO old. I have at least another three and a bit months until I hit that stage where I need a nurse to wipe my arse!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your man! I'm glad to see he's happy about it. My man moped so much when he turned 30 that I'm scared to see how he'll react to 40, let alone 50!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Chuckles! Oh, to be 50 again!

Melissa said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Chuckles. Kyna, you are one lucky chick!

Tatiana said...

You guys make me believe in love and other such mushy stuff. Sigh. Happy B-day and may the rest of the years be as fun as the first fifty.

Anonymous said...

I discovered this blog by typing "Leisure Suit" into Google images, as someone who's single, 32 and knows nothing about the world I am amazed that women would be willing to consider someone older.
The picture from when you two met I presume was from around 10 years ago, to his credit he didn't look middle aged.

The actor who played "Scotty" in Star Trek got away with marrying a teenager in his mid 50's so what do I know...