Friday, October 8, 2010

Gasoline & Matches

You pull my pin, and you trip my wire,
You come in and set my heart on fire

You knock me out, you rock me off my axis,
You and me are gasoline and matches...

Was going to write about all the crappy rain we'd gotten.

But you know what?

I'm too happy. I'm on vacation, bitches!

Eleven days off....sun is shining....temperature is perfect. No grumpy customers to deal with. A plethora of naughty beverages to be consumed.

Canadian Thanksgiving is on Sunday, and I have delicious food to be eaten with good friends. Good friends who I suspect are only friends with me because they get two thanksgivings out of the deal!

Aaaaand....I finally found a soccer team to play with!!!


Took me five damn years to find one. They just happen to be playing their next game on Sunday, so I have to escape for a couple of hours before I stick the turkey in the oven because I have been invited. Can't wait to dust off those football boots!

Actually, those are Chuck's from the 70's. Mine are too new looking to be 'dust offable'. I left my old ones in Canada...*sigh*.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.....I treated myself to the pansy purchase you see above. Not expensive, but sexy as hell.

I'll write about the rain another day...when I'm way less happy.

I'm so happy it's disgusting.


Rainforest Gardener said...

"I'm so happy its disgusting" I like that. Glad you found a soccer team! My sister finally found one too. By the way, have you seen my vomiting pumpkin yet?

Kyna said...

Headed on over to your page right now...

Zoe said...

Thanksgiving is the best holiday there is, I believe, with all that fabulous food - enjoy your two of 'em!

Kyna said...

Oh hells yeah. We're doing up a bone in turkey breast AND a ham, collard greens with bacon, manchego cheese mashed potatoes...ok, I have to stop, I'm drooling.

Jim Groble said...

Enjoy your days off. Nice vid, I,m a new fan. I'll write my powderfinger blog in January after three months of rain, snow and overcast skies. As usual,nice pics and post. jim

ChickenFreak said...

Woohoo! Vacation. I love that sense of escape when vacation starts. I'm jealous.

Kyna said...

Jim: I love Buddy Miller. He has his hand in a few cookie jars these days...not only is the album he did with his wife cool, but he was also on John Fogerty's most recent album, and he played with Robert Plant and Allison Krauss during their last tour (I attended one of those shows). Now he's with Robert Plant again, on the Band Of Joy tour. That's a great album too, I recommend checking it out.

Kyna said...

Chicken: I love the start of vacation too! It means I'm not quite at that point where I'm not enjoying it because I'm dreading going back lol.

The Idiot Gardener said...

We don't have thanksgiving, which is good because I'm not the biggest fan of turkey. I'll eat it, but then again I'd eat my Mother's leg if I was hungry enough (or just bored).

Right, no listen up young lady, it's not bloody soccer, it's FOOTBALL. You got that? FOOTBALL.

Yes, thats's right.

God, I'm so glad I'm not American any more!

Kyna said...

Well, I'm making a bone-in turkey breast AND a ham. And some collard greens cooked with bacon. And some mashed potatoes with manchego cheese. And the beer will be plentiful. Drink enough, and you wouldn't even notice the taste of your mother's leg.

(Ok, that was mean of me. I'm sure your mother's leg tastes wonderful)

And yes, Old Man, I know it's football! In fact I do say that when I'm talking to anyone else who plays it. But I don't want to confuse the Americans. They're my friends too, you selfish git. You bloody English can't have me all to yourselves!

Was that better? Canadians are prone to being too polite, I wouldn't want to perpetuate the sterotype... :)

You can't imagine my chagrin whilst explaining Gaelic Football to people here....I have to stoop to calling it ' sort of like Irish Soccer'. Or else I just get a "Gay what??" followed by snickering.

Anonymous said...

That's what I should have said yesterday, "I'm so happy, it's disgusting!" The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing through my sun roof, and it was in the 80's in October. How can you not be insanely happy? I know I was!

GardenJoy4Me said...

OK Kyna this is too weird I bought a pale orange pansy in a beautiful cobalt blue pot that made me smiely as all get out .. for a Canadian that is ? Hello ... soccer ?? holy crap girl !! are we going to see some video of you playing yur little heart out ??? .. I also suspect those American friends are FRIENDS for two turkey dinners as well .. very interesting ... hum ? LOL
Joy of the Great White North ... well .. it will be soon enough !!