Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm not a really girly girl.

I don't get my nails manicured. I don't collect designer handbags. No closet full of fancy shoes.

Most of my friends are dudes. I love sports and beer. Ya'll know what a ham I am, I don't care if I look silly.

I've got a mouth so dirty that even the Orbit girl runs the other way.

Get the picture?

But nothing floats my boat more than getting my hair done. Girly girly girly. I don't get to go as often as I like. But I did get to go this morning, and I feel FANTASTIC.

I've been colouring my hair since I was 12. It's been every natural colour out there. Black was the worst mistake I made, when I was 14. Washed my skin out so badly I looked like a fat vampire trout.

Blonde hair looked awesome on me, but waaay too much maintenence. And it wasn't really me.

Red on the other hand...I should have been born with it. Nothing makes me feel more like me than flaming red hair. As my hair soaks up the dye, I also soak up confidence. Makes me stick out in a crowd in a good way.

People always think it's natural. They don't know that the carpet doesn't match the curtains, and I'm good with that.

I'm very vain about my hair. I think one of the reasons I've been kinda down and awkward the last couple of weeks is because it was 4 months since I had it last coloured. More roots than a truck full of carrots. I looked like a hobo.

But I'm back baby!

*does a little dance*

I feel like a Femme Fatale. A sexpot. A minx.

Chuckles better watch out when he walks through the door...


Al said...

Poor Chuckles.
Go gentle with him:-)

Is the Wiz said...

Beautiful shade of auburn, looks lovely with your complexion.

Kyna said...

Al: Erm...he's kind of in shreds right now.


Is: Thank you so much! :D I've always had sort of a ruddy look, which is set off by the ginger dye lol. My normal colour is a very flat brown. No vibrancy whatsoever.

Prairie Chicken... said...


Shyrlene said...

THAT is a righteous hair color... and you look absolutely fabulous! Kickin', no doubt about it - it suits you!

ChickenFreak said...

It looks beautiful. It tempts me to pay attention to my hair, but those resolutions never last beyond the next shampoo. :)

Kris said...

Ah, that flaming mane suits your personality to a "T"! The torch is re-lit. Stand back, world. Here she comes....!

Kyna said...

Prairie: That's exactly the reason I dye my hair such a bright colour. Because otherwise, that's all people notice. Guess it didn't work.

Whenever I'm lying down, the bewbies sort of just fall back into my neck. One of these days they're going to smother me in my sleep. Like cats do to babies.

Shyrlene: Thank you! It is pretty righteous, isn't it? I love my hairdresser here. She does exactly what I want. Most of them won't dye my hair this colour for me because

A: They think they may be sued.
B: They say that it won't last long anyway, so why bother?
C: They think purply shades of red suit me best. Which they DON'T. I look terrible with burgundy reds in my hair...

CF: We all have different priorities, and that's ok. I do hair dying, you do perfume. Which I also love...but not to the point of writing about them ;) Diversity rules!

Kris: Haha! :D

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

From one redhead to another, I'll raise a glass to that! Your hair looks fabulous dahhhling! I was born a redhead, but...ahem...age (darn it) has washed it I do 'enhance' it now. I'm so due to see my stylist. Speaking of roots...damn it...where's my hat?! :P

camissonia said...

You're right - the red suits you!

Bub said...

"What the french toast?" is so going to enter my day-to-day list of things to say at appropriate moments. *snort*