Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chuckles Gets Behind the Camera

Yesterday we had snow yet again. It was the third snowfall of significant accumulation that we've had this winter. Extremely uncommon.

Now I'm not complaining about the snow, it's the ice that I have a problem with. It was a very icy snow...a friend of mine compared it to Dippin' Dots.

Chuck woke me up before he left to tell me that the tire I had patched last month was flat again. I dread taking it in to the mechanic because I always feel stupid when I go in that place without him.

So of course I procrastinated like the pro that I am, and waited till almost noon to bring it in. Earlier that morning, my stepdaughter says, "I sure hope we get some snow today! Even if it's just a dusting!"

I had heard that the county adjoining ours was supposed to get it, and I told her we probably wouldn't see much of anything.

I was wrong of course, we ended up getting about 3 inches at my house. And by the time I got my ass in gear to take the tire in, it was pelting those little ice pellets of so-called snow.

I was hoping it wouldn't last long (because it wasn't supposed to in my area), because I had to drive in to work for 4pm.

The snow didn't let up, and indeed got worse. I knew the highway was going to be icy, so I left an hour before I was supposed to be at work.

Yeah. One of the scariest drives I've ever taken. I can't believe that I didn't end up in the ditch or wasn't plowed by someone else.

People were going way too fast for the conditions. I saw 6 people in the ditch on the way to work, and 3 accidents. One of the accidents happened while I was watching.

I have to cross a bridge over a waterway on my way into Jacksonville. There were about four cop cars on the bridge, to force people to slow down. Anyone who has experienced snow and ice can tell you that bridges freeze before anything else. This one truck apparently didn't slow down enough on the bridge going the opposite way, and I saw him do a 180 on the bridge and crash headfirst into the guardrail. Right in the middle of all the cops. He's lucky he didn't hit one of their cars.

I was going 10mph at one point, not even touching the gas or the brake, and my car was fishtailing. A U-Haul was traveling behind me (way too fast) and I saw him fishtailing towards me in my rear-view mirror. I thought he was going to plow me for sure.

About halfway there, I thought I'd have to call out from work, and turn around and go back home. But the other side of the divided highway going back towards my house was WAY worse. The traffic was backed up for miles and miles. A co-worker of mine lives right down the street from me, and she said it took her 3 hours and 20 minutes to get home. So I'm glad I just decided to make the rest of the trip to work. When I came home at midnight last night, it was still nasty in spots, but it wasn't as bad as it had been that afternoon.

I called Chuck on my 15-minute break to tell him of my harrowing drive. He said it took him 2 hours to get home himself. Whilst we were on the phone, he was telling me how gorgeous the sunset was at home. When he got off the phone with me he started taking pictures.

They're AWESOME. I'm sorry I missed such a beautiful sunset. Thank goodness he grabbed the camera.

This is one I took earlier:

And here are his, they're in sequence:

These last two are my favourites!

I think Chuckles did a good job, don't you?


Is the Wiz said...

Driving in the snow can be a nightmare, but that sounds really traumatic. Chuck's photos are bea-u-tiful, he's not just a pretty face!

Jayne said...

Wow - awesome photos of a glorious sunset! Take care driving in that snow. One time many years ago I plowed headlong in to the side of someone's parked car at about 5 mph and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it!

Alison said...

Chuckles did a great job with the camera, those sunset pics are marvelous!

I hate driving in snowy conditions too, and I lived in Massachusetts for over 50 years. I finally wised up and moved to Washington state. So I know what a white knuckle ride that drive to work must have been. Glad you survived, and hope this is the last of it for you folks this winter.

Pearl said...

Winter is a crazy time.

Here in Minneapolis, we are a good three months from spring. I cannot wait for the chance to leave the house without wearing 10 pounds of protective clothing...


Shyrlene said...

Your commute sounds like hell! (and like Chicago in a snowstorm - mostly because people drive too fast for conditions) Ice is the worst.

The sunset photos are fabulous .... you should have them blown up and framed. Then they could be part of your 'holiday' season decorations - your home with the snow? (Swap out some pictures from your walls for December?) ..just a thought.. :)

biobabbler said...

Wow, that's SO scary! Glad you're okay.

I took a driving safety class when I was a fed and got a piece of chocolate chucked at me because when he asked for ideas re: how to make travel in bad weather (snow, etc.) safer, I said "Don't go." I learned that in Michigan. It's perfectly acceptable to call the party host (I was in my 20s in MI, so it was all about parties) and say the roads are nuts, sorry. In California, that's not as common, so I thought I'd share the wisdom of the frozen tundra. =)

Kyna said...

Is: I told Chuck you said that, he looked a little pleased with himself ;)

Jayne: Terrible feeling isn't it, not being able to control the car no matter what you do? I know how to get out of a skid on the ice, but sometimes it's so icy everywhere that it just doesn't matter what one does. :(

Alison: Chuck lived in Massachusetts when he was young, then moved to Cleveland before he came down here to join the Marines. He said he's had enough snow for a lifetime. So have I, being from Canada, but I still don't mind it that much. The ice, now that's a different story.

Pearl: When I was traveling down here to visit Chuckles from Edmonton, they'd always route me through Minneapolis. The airport's about all I've seen of the city. But I imagine you guys were buried under snow a lot of the winter lol. I don't know if Washington would be much better for me...I guess it would depend where I lived. A blogger that I follow has posted pics recently of plants budding...I don't think I could live near the coast though, apparently there's a lot of rain. I don't do well with rain. I'd rather have snow :) Nice to meet you, btw!

Shyrlene: I never think to frame photos like that, I don't know why. But now you've given me the idea to, I think I might :D

Biobabbler: Normally I wouldn't risk my safety to make the drive. I always laugh at people who come into the store when the weather is bad, like 'If I wasn't working, I definitely would be at home, snug in front of the fire!'
Unfortunately, I needed the money last week. Because it wasn't snowing in the city where I work (only in outlying areas along the coast where my house is), they didn't shut down the mall. If they don't shut down the mall, our store has to stay open or we get fined. If the store shuts down midway through the day, we all still get paid. Otherwise, if I call out, no money for the shift. I had to go. Money's tight this month, unfortunately.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Wow, Chuckles did a fabulous job with those sunset photos, I'm very impressed! The second to last one is my favorite. Sorry you had such a crappy drive to work though :(

Laura said...

Those are great pictures! The sunset with the snow reflecting the colours is simply stunning! He did a good job!

My blog has moved, stop by for a visit when you get a chance!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I hate driving in the snow. I remember when I worked as a visiting nurse and had to drive no matter what the weather was like.
The pictures are really pretty, amazing colors.

Tatiana said...

Hey girl,

You're from EDMONTON!!! All your friends would laugh at the devastation of 3 inches of snow, the same way we laugh when Van shuts down over it. 'Course we get all seasons here at a minimum, and winter tires for the most part. Still, reading about whole areas derailed by anything less than a proper foot of snow is always weird to me.

Gary said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely setting. Do you guys need a live in gardener and his wife by any chance?

The Idiot Gardener said...

Chuckles worries me. I get him taking a picture of a carrot that looks like a penis, or a penis that looks like Jesus, or Jesus wiping down a sweaty buffalo, or some good shit like that, but a bloody sunset?

I see a sunset and think, oh look, a sunset, Mrs IG has missed it, but they'll be another sunset, every evening, so she'll see it then.

Then I take a picture of something brilliant like a hole I've just fallen dowm, or a dog with two legs missing, or a potato that looks like a pair of breasts.

I reckon that Led Zepplin would refoirm if they thought it would give them more opportunities to take photos of sunsets for their wives.

Get a room, for Christ's sake!

Kyna said...

Clare: That's my favourite too :D

Laura: Thanks for posting your new link, I probably would have wondered where you got off to lol

Catherine: I wish I could say I was risking my life (or more importantly my car) for something noble like nursing. But for selling books? lol

Tatiana: They DO laugh, a lot. But like I said, it's not the snow, snow isn't that hard to drive in. When there's enough of it, your car won't go anywhere. When there's an inch of black ice on the road, your car goes everywhere. I don't care where you live. That's what I told the bloody hyenas on Facebook :P

Gary: As a matter of fact, we do! Will you accept pocket lint in lieu of pay? If you will, then come on down! :D

IG: Some men show their wives love by cooking them the internal organs of animals for supper or jetting them off to some fabulous international location for their birthdays. Some men take pictures of sunsets. Depending on what the wife likes (and the husband's financial limitations), either way leads to sex with the husband. Said 'room' has been gotten. So you see, Chuckles is thinking of making taking pictures of beautiful sunsets his new hobby. Fois Gras just doesn't do it for me. Although a trip to Ireland might.

I'll have to remember to tell Robert Plant your idea the next time I see him. Which will be in 8 days. He'll be ever so grateful for the tip, as will I when I'm buying my 'Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour 2012' t-shirt.

Melissa said...

Chuck did a great job! Beautiful photos. My faith in the general automobile driving population was restored during our last snowstorm (last Wed?). My 20-30 minute drive home took nearly 3 hours, but everyone was driving prudently and keeping safe distances. It wasn't what I would call an enjoyable drive, but it was made much better by everyone being sensible! Glad you made it safe and sound.

Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass... said...

Good Job Chuck on the photos! As for your scary drive, I know what you mean! I once drove from Vancouver to Fernie in a blizzard, praying that the mountain passes wouldn't be closed but then hoping they would be as I neared each one and watched other cars crash into each other and into the central divide and ditches! The trip took 14 hours and I got home at 4am... When I tried to sleep all I could see when I closed my eyes was snow coming at me like a weird kind of screen-saver. Brrr never again!

Al said...

I don't often have to drive in snow (not common down this way unless you look for it) but I have had some scary moments.

Those piccies of Chucks a brilliant, and I am with you on the last two, lovely!

Kris said...

Way to go, Chuck! While Mother Nature was pummeling everyone else, you snuck in and caught her softer side. You rascal.... :-D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl Chuckles did a GREAT job with those pictures .. that was awesome ! and what about those Americans for driving way too fast in SNOW ??? why do they do that !!!

aarrgghhhh !!

Canadians do to and they should know better?.. does snow make people stupid ? ... oops ... that might not reflect well on us Northerners ???? hehehe
Good story girl : )
Joy (from up north but drives safely in her Kia ;-)