Monday, January 10, 2011

Never Trust a Weatherman

Most Mondays, I work in the evening. Bestsellers come out Tuesday morning, and I'm usually scheduled Monday night to prepare them for the next day. I don't mind doing this.

The only problem is that all the managers have to come in for a 2 hour meeting on Monday mornings. So even if you're scheduled at night, or have the day off, you still have to attend the meeting. I live a half hour away, so this kind of sucks when I have to drive back twice in one day.

This morning I pulled in to the store around 6:50AM. Snowflakes were just starting to come down. An hour later, the parking lot and all the cars were covered. The store manager cut the meeting short at about 8AM. He said he was thinking we'd be open today, because it was only going to be a few flakes (less than a half inch) and then rain.


It took me AN HOUR AND 45 MINUTES to get home.

The snow was at just about an inch and a half. I couldn't figure out why there was so much damn traffic at that time of the morning. I was sitting idling next to a female Marine doing the same thing going the other way. She made a motion for me to roll down my window.

I did. "Are you going on the base?" she asked.

I answered no, and she said, "That's good 'cause they just closed it." No wonder it was so crazy! Traffic out the ASS. Idiots were going too fast and sliding around all over the place. When I drive home, I go past or near 3 different entry and exit points to the Camp Lejeune Marine base. Surrounding roads are packed with stand-still vehicles. I think I listened to the CD I had in my car about 3 times.

Anyway, I got in the door and checked the J-ville Mall website and they said they were closing the mall for the day. I texted my co-worker friend and she said she'd left me a message on my home phone. She thought I'd already be home at that time!

If the mall closes, we close. So I get a snow day! There's a good two inches or more out there where I live, and it's still coming down just as hard as it was earlier.

The birds are having a winter feast.

I laughed when this cardinal flew down to the ground from the feeder and surprised himself when he just slipped down into the snow. He was a bit pissed off, and just kind of sat there with an, "I can't believe all this effing snow!" sort of look on his little bird face, with only his head sticking out.

I've lived here for almost 5 years come February, and I've never seen a frequency of snow like this. Not that it's tons, but usually if we see ONE snowfall during the winter it's an event. This winter, it's almost common now.


Marguerite said...

good thing an Edmonton girl like yourself knows how to drive in the white stuff! (that said, apparently people in PEI don't have a clue, passed three accidents on my way in this morning. snow tires people!)

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

Would've loved to have seen little Cardinal's effed off face! Poor birdie :)

How often have you had snow then? We're the same and expect one maybe two pepperings of snow a year, I guess so far we've actually only had the twice... Just the first time was a serious amount!

biobabbler said...

Ah, I LOVE the image of that cardinal, unexpectedly up to his neck in snow, and not really psyched about it. Happy day off! =)

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful snow pics. Wish we'd gotten some but I'm thinking we will before the winter is done.

Turling said...

I'll take the occasional earthquake over weeks/months of snow any day of the week. Whew! I should have worn shorts today. The heat. Yea, I'm that prick, remember?

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Well, you have to admit, it is beautiful in photographs! That poor Cardinal, I could almost hear him cussing from here ;) Hope you enjoyed your snow day!

Randy Emmitt said...


We are just north of Durham, this is our 6th snow event this season as told by the weatherman. Pretty strange huh. It's dark and we just have dusting here so far. Stay safe and warm.

Jayne said...

We had snow one day last winter, but nothing this winter so far. Supposed to get the ass-end of your weather system tomorrow and get and overnight freeze, but no snow predicted. Stay warm and safe Kyna.

Al said...

Wild weather down this way too.
Take care.

Bub said...

I probably had much the same look on my face as the cardinal when we had our snow. Except his face would have looked much cuter.

Keep warm and safe.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OK .. another OMG Kyna !!!
It looks so pretty down there .. now how many other ways can you use that sentence ? eeuuuwww ! OK .. enough of that silliness ... it just had to get out though .. is it ever WHITE there eh ?? hehehehe
It would have been perfect if you could have UTubed that Cardinal slipping down and giving you the "what are you lookin' at missy??" glare. Is it too much to ask you to keep watching the feeder camera in hand ??
OK .. enough of that .. cabin crazies out do cabin fever .. rock, paper, peeler type of contest and I hear dueling banjos some where .. oh .. yeah .. your in the SOUTH now? hehe .. soon Number One son will be by next Christmas (every damn digit crossed for that one finally !!) OK .. I have to get off of here .. just wanted to say hi ! look at the pretty snow and yes .. congratulations one more time on all of that wonderful monumental moments that brightened your life up a bit .. aka official title does have extra pay right ?? HOPE SO !!
Joy : ) wink wink
this captcha thing is screwing me up yet again !!*&%$#@!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all that snow is pretty novel to you in NC, but you can have it all! We are in central Ohio, and it's getting old this year, constantly snowing. I grew up in Michigan, but have enjoyed the easier winters here till now. Spring hurry up!

The Idiot Gardener said...

A snow day? For a few inches of snow? That's so wrong. How are people supposed to buy books about midgets?