Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Cayenne't Live Without Hot Peppers

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and naturally I used the celebratory American holiday as an excuse to whip up some fattening food.

I baked cookies. I made pan-fried pork chops and garlic mashed potatoes. But my favourite of the day was the sour cream & salsa dip.

Sour cream by itself is fantastic. Ambrosia. It should be it's own food group. In fact, I think I'll write a letter to the President about that after I'm finished with this.

Adding salsa to the sour cream? You're getting into 'my panties have spontaneously caught on fire' territory. Someone call the fire department!

And tell them to bring extra hoses.

What's the secret ingredient behind my dip of champions?

Homegrown freakin' cayenne peppers.

Mince up two or three of these babies, and stir 'em in. The seeds are optional (if you're a pussy).

Get some tortilla chips and go to town on it.

One bite and your underwear will not only be incinerated, but music will fill the air....like the sound of two angels making sweet, sweet love in a meadow full of rainbows and unicorns.

Wait, you're asking what the hell that sounds like?

You'll find out if you taste my dip.

I love spicy shit. Which is interesting, because before I hit my 20's, I couldn't stand any heat in my food.

Now? I can't get enough. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world to eat something that's so spicy that you're crying and your nose is running and you just want to lean over with your hands on your knees and hold your mouth open so that saliva is just streaming out of your mouth onto the ground. All at once.

For me it's like having a good hard laugh, or a good hard sneeze, or a good hard....well, I'll let Mr. Stewart fill in the end of that sentence.

I've done better growing my own cayennes this year than in any previous years. I usually grew them out in the fenced in back garden.

Every year, regardless of the fence, something would eat all the leaves off the top of the plants. Completely sheared them. I'd only get a couple of peppers out of it.

This year they're in a drywall bucket right outside my back porch. Whatever was eating them won't venture up this close to the house it seems. Muhaha!

What about you guys? Do you like-a da pepper?


Kal said...

Your passion for the the peppers is palpable. It's funny you mention sour cream with hot salsa - that is my go-to snack when watching 'Survivor' or the 'Amazing Race'. Don't get me started on perogies with sour cream. Surely you serve that delicacy from your birth place?

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

It looks like I'm missing out on some sweet angel love and Unicorns...
I'm no fan of spicy, I like to taste my food rather than cry into my plate and fight the overwhelming urger to rip my tongue and eyes out. I like a bit of heat and do often use chilli mixes, just not too much.

Yes, I'm a pussy.

Al said...

I kove chilli of any kind.
Use it in most of my cooking.
Cayenne happens to be the one I use most. Warm without being too extreme for the other half.

Marguerite said...

hubby douses everything in hot sauce but I can't stand anything too hot. Heart burn is my enemy

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Ha! You're lucky. We tried growing habaneros right next to the back door, up on the wood deck. Blasted deer climbed the stairs, and ate the lot! Although, honestly, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching as they ate the first one ;) Congrats on the Cayennes!

Jess said...

I'm a fan of da peppers too. But my one thing that I grow in the garden that I can't live without is basil. I'm not sure when I got addicted, but I love the stuff, in nearly everything.

ONG said...

Cayennes kick all sorts of ass and I really do need to grow them myself. My wife loves her some spicy and I'm forcing my son to like it or else he can't live with us any more. I don't trust people who don't like spicy food.

Kyna said...

Kal: I was RAISED on perogies and sour cream like a good Ukrainian girl. Love at first taste. But I will admit to eating spoonfuls of sour cream by itself when no one was looking...as recently as last week :P And I wonder why I have a weight problem...

Liz: Not saying I want it that spicy for every meal, I really like having a stomach lining. But every once in awhile, I love something super-hot. I will add a little heat to most dishes though, because Chuck is a fan too.

Al: I agree! And they're the pepper I actually have the hardest time finding fresh at the store. So that's another reason I like growing them :)

Marguerite: The hottest thing I ever ate was a jalepeno with a salmon cream cheese filling at an upscale Mexican restaurant in Asheville, NC. On the menu, there's a disclaimer that if you can't handle the heat, you can't return it.

Of course Chuck and I were like, "Yeah right. It's just a fucking measly jalepeno. There's no way it can be THAT hot."

Holy shit. It was ridiculous. We started coughing from the get-go, and guzzling water. And some people next to us that had just seen the same concert were in town to see the night before were trying to strike up a conversation...our noses were running, our eyes were burning...coughing like hell.

Other people who like spicy food that have heard that story give us the same reaction that we had. "It's only a fucking jalepeno." Man, they just don't realize....I ended up just eating the filling out of the middle, and even that was spicy as shit.

Clare: I suspect it was deer eating mine too. I think the fence wasn't tall enough, and I didn't plant it far enough away from the fence, and they just leaned in and munched. They would always do it before the peppers came out though. If you have deck climbing deer, I'm surprised that my plant still hasn't been eaten then lol.

Jess: I love basil! I tried growing it one year, but I found that I'm too lazy to deal with it. I didn't realize that you have to pinch the flowers off until a friend told me. And that's just too high maintenance for me lol.

ONG: Haha! Shifty-eyed, bland-eatin' bastards...they'll steal everything you own if you don't watch 'em.