Sunday, July 17, 2011

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Free

My neighbour Kelly's peach tree has erectile dysfunction.

Don't know if he gave it any Viagra, but he sure got some good wood under it.


Kal said...

That was not what I was expecting to read. I liked it. It was smutty and there is always room for smutty.

How are the summers down south, in the land of cotton? You is a local girl so I would be interested in knowing the difference between weather here and there? And by here I mean Alberta.

Anonymous said...

My eyes must be getting feeble with age...I thought I was looking at three very straight trees at odd angles. Maybe it's time to get those glasses after all!

The Idiot Gardener said...

A friend of mine told me that after his Mother died, his Father became rather withdrawn and forgetful. Concerned about him, he decided that the old man needed a holiday to perk him up. He bought him a package trip to Thailand. Because his Father was wary of travelling alone, he went with him.

One night my friend wanted to go out on his own, but was worried about leaving his Father, especially as the old man often became confused. He decided to pack the old man off to a decent local restaurant with another chap they'd met at the hotel.

Returning that night, he found his Father in the bar in a rather upset mood. It transpired the old man and his new friend had visited a Go-Go bar, when the old man had handed over a substantial amount of money in exchange for the favours of a young girl.

My friend said he nearly pissed himself laughing, but instead tried to get to the bottom of the old man's concerns.

She had taken him to a nearby hotel, and they got stripped down, ready for action. Then he couldn't get it up!

My friend consoled his Father, explaining that sometimes it happened. The old shook his head and replied that he'd had erectile dysfunction for years.

My friend did laugh, and asked why his Father had paid a hooker for sex if he knew he couldn't get it up. His Father looked at him with a tear in his eye and said: 'I forgot!'



oh and I like the gardeners story too lol