Friday, October 7, 2011

Dirty French Friday

Ta mère est un garage à bites.

Your mom is a walking sperm bank.

Literally, 'a parking garage for dicks'.


The Idiot Gardener said...

Ma mère donne le plaisir aux chacals et aux ânes!

Kyna said...

Votre mère est le vélo de ville pour les animaux.

John Gray said...



The Idiot Gardener said...

Oui, oui, le vélo avec les roues très lâches!

Sandra said...

haha! I'm French and I didn't know that's how it translated! Can't wait to use this on my Quebec relatives!
I just read your profile! I had to laugh at Chuck being described as "kind of an old guy." I'm married to an old guy too so I feel a kindred connection to you already!

Kyna said...

Haha! Nice to meet you Sandra! :D

Yeah, Chuckles is just short of 20 years older than I am. We've been together for 7 years. I still get a kick out of telling people how old he is...just to see their eyebrows raise. It isn't so bad now, it was worse when I was 24 and he was 44...he got called a cradle robber a lot :D

Love your blog!

Andrea said...

Hello Kyna, haha, where did you see that figure, and i love what you wrote about "parking garage for ...)! ...I just read your reply to my post about passwords. Even if it's a bit late, it will still be very helpful for me. Most of them taught me how to back-up, but only you replied to my query on password change. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

Kyna said...

Chuckles and I went to see a concert in Raleigh for his birthday in February. While we were in town, we stopped at the North Carolina Museum of Art, and they were having a Rodin exhibit.

Being me, I was immediately drawn to this piece. :) I was thinking of making it my blog header :D