Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Say Yes to Grubicide!

Some ibises (ibii??) outside my bedroom window just now.

I love these guys.

They're not afraid of anything. They land in gangs in search of grubs residing in the dirt of my lawn.

I always hope that the grubs are ones that would otherwise turn into Japanese Beetles.  Japanese Beetles that would chew the hell out of all my plants come next June.

Chuck and I love watching them from the back porch. It's cool to see them sticking their long beaks into the ground in search of said grubs whilst rarely breaking step.

We always wonder how they can sense them so quickly and easily.

Nature is some pretty interesting shit.


Al said...

Oh my god now she is doing Latin too!

I love ibis (my feeling is the plural is ibis, kind of like sheep).

Ours are different species (black wings), Nature does throw up interesting shit. That is for sure!

Andrew Ablenas said...

That is so much fun! Best. Grub. Control. Ever.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Now that's organic pest control...and so much more exotic than chickens ;)

biobabbler said...

1. SO JEALOUS it makes my hair curl. COOL!!!!
2. Oh, yeah, re: nature being crazy interesting and always surprising. I just figure people who don't think biology/nature is fascinating just don't get it, yet.
3. =) I WANT YOUR BUG EATERS. (basically point # 1 again, but I'm still not over it)

Congrats, and I'm SO glad you appreciate them and SHARED them. yay. =)

The Idiot Gardener said...

Ibis. Mmm, I wonder what they taste like.

Grubicide sounds dirty ... in a good way.

Hey Momma (that's my pimp jive right there), wanna do some grubicide?

John Gray said...

bet they're plastic

Jayne said...

Wow - nature's bug control at its best. Gotta love it.

Kyna said...

Al: Great idea!

Next meme will be 'Lewd Latin dies Lunae'!

Andrew: They've been hanging around all week. I'm hoping they'll stick around a little longer so I'll be junebug free next summer :P

Clare: Everyone has chickens, you know me, I like to stand out!

Bio: I was one of those nature non-appreciators until I hit my 20's. *hides*

IG: Sounds less like pimp jive and more like jive turkey :P

I bet they taste like chicken.

Everything tastes like chicken.

John: HA! That made me laugh :D

Jayne: That's what I do...organic, free-range ibis gardening. :P

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish they'd hang out here in Ohio if it meant they were eating up Japanese beetle grubs. I sure hate those things!