Monday, May 31, 2010

Holy Crap, I'm 29

Some of the illustrious people I share a May 31 birthday with:

Walt Whitman

Clint Eastwood

John Bonham (he was the drummer from Led Zeppelin, but if you didn't know that already you can't be my friend anymore)

And The Idiot Gardener...who's more infamous around these parts than any of the others...

Since many of you wished me an early happy birthday last week, don't worry about me shaming you into saying it again!

Although I am lonely, sitting in the corner, in the dark all by myself on my birthday. I've got a candle and a cupcake. And someone took a bite out of my cupcake.

And call your mother, she's lonely and sitting alone in the corner in the dark waiting for you to ring. What kind of a horrible person are you???

Yes, I am being kind of silly this morning, but I'm allowed. Because it's my birthday! People can do whatever they want on their birthdays, right?

I bet it was this guy's birthday that day:

Only problem is, there no major tennis tournaments taking place in North Carolina today for me to streak at. And I can't do handstands.

Hm...what else can I do?

Maybe I can party with Charlie Sheen??

Oh...nope, I can't. He's in jail again.

I guess I'll have to settle for enjoying the sunny, hot weather, and have some good friends over later on.

I had a fantastic weekend, by the way. In case you missed the post before last, Chuck and I went to Virginia for my birthday this past weekend.

We visited the University of Virginia campus, and we went to Jefferson's Monticello and Madison's Montpelier estates.

You may or may not know this about me, but I'm a U.S. Revolutionary Era history nerd. And I hit the houses of U.S.President No.3 and U.S. President No.4 in two days.

Monticello IS my Graceland, people.

Anyway, I'll be posting the pics in a few different parts so as to not overwhelm! I just am not going to start today, because I want to spend my birthday doing other things besides writing.

Although, it doesn't look that way, does it? :)

This is a clip of a Led Zeppelin concert, Greensboro, NC. May 31, 1977. John Bonham's 29th birthday (what a coincedence!)


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I was turning 29 next month, sadly that was awhile ago for me. Sounds like you had fun on your trip, can't wait to see pictures.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Happy Birthday Kyna! :)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Wish I was 29. Hmmph. Please--no streaking.

Kyna said...

Thanks Catherine lol. I'm not upset I'm 29, just can't believe it's here already :D

CVF: Thank you!

Benjamin: No streaking? I thought everyone wanted to see me doing naked handstands. Thanks for bursting my bubble ;) lol

Anonymous said...

Do you folks see why I love this chick? She rocks! We have the most amazing adventures,don't we?
Happy Birthday Bee!

Bernie said...

Wow ... you're in good company on the day of your birthday!!!

Glad you enjoyed your trip ... sounds like it was well worth it!

Not much of a fan of the streaking ... we see enough of it during our cricket season down here!!!! I'm talking men and women!!

Oh to be 29 again! Have a good one!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Happy Birthday, Kyna! Many more 29s ahead. ;-)

AaronVFT said...

Happy birthday!

The Idiot Gardener said...

Hope you had a good one. My head hurts a fair bit, I can't remember where I left my coat, and my fridge is filled with an indecent amount of cheese...

Still, we've 364 days of relative sanity before us until the next one.

gippslandgardener said...

Argh! I'm late! But I have been shamed into doing it again :D 'Happy Birthday Kyna!'

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kyna girl here it is June 2nd and I will wish you a HAPPY Birthday all over again OK ? .. if we put a little elbow grease (isn't that kind of gross ?) we can stretch out your birthday for a long long time yet !!
I'm laughing at all the set ups here .. too funny.
On a more serious note .. WOW ! I just watched a special on Monticello and Madison's Montpelier estates .. it was amazing.
Get this .. number one son has been obsessed with a metal detector .. he has been combing the Kingston area for lucky strikes ? and would love to see what he can find in the Carolina states because of the Civil War artifact possibilities .. what a dreamer ? hehehe
OK .. spelling is askew (oops) I got up at 5 AM and the sky was too clear to get a nice sunrise (you need a bit of cloud cover for reflection) but I did wonder around my garden in flashy night ware ? I'm hoping every one was still snoring in bed and didn't see me ? LOL

pamsenglishgarden said...

I love Led Zepplin even though I am considerably older than you. I'm even older than John Bonham. Well I'm English so of course I know him. I'm glad, because now we can stay friends. Glad you had a great birthday! P.

Britta said...

Dear Kyna, Happy Birthday to you - and my very best wishes! You share your birthday with many interesting people! Britta

Tatiana said...

Enjoy the last year of your twenties - it's a bit bittersweet to leave them behind when you finally do.