Monday, May 10, 2010

Moth-er May I?

We were on our way out to [Step]Mother's Day lunch yesterday (we had a picnic in the park with my stepkid, it was a beautiful day!), and Chuck pointed out two cool moths. One was on our porch pillar, and the other was chillin' on the driveway.

This one looks like ice cream to me. My inner fat kid just wanted to pick it up and eat it. Bet it tastes like cotton candy and Peeps.

And this one looks like something out of 'Nightmare Before Christmas'.

I've never seen such crazy moths...they're just as pretty/cool as butterflies!

Thought I'd share :) Haven't been on much in the last week, very busy!


Jim Groble said...

Love the pics. Keep them coming. jim

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Oh, how stunning. We have a number of similar moths here that hang out under our porch light at night, but nothing as spectacular as your cotton candy and peeps moth. Such sherberty colors!

Rainforest Gardener said...

Those are two of my favorite moths coincidentally, and I also think of food when I see them. The first one always makes me crave a strawberry banana milkshake and the second one makes me ache for a cookies and cream milkshake. What can I say? I like milkshakes.

camissonia said...

I've never yet seen a beautiful moth (although beauty is in the eye of the beholder), but these guys are surely da bomb! Could even conjure them on a catwalk in Milan...Versace would be jealous!

AaronVFT said...

The moths are beautiful! Even the scary one!

Bernie said...

Wow ... I just love these moths. They are so gorgeous ... the top one is really unusual. The colours are so pretty.

Sarah Knight said...

Looks like a rosy maple moth : )
and a giant leopard moth!
Very pretty indeed!

Britta said...

I am really stunned that there exists a PINK moth! My absolute favourite colour - so maybe you can convince her to come to Hamburg (although it's still cold and rainy and very green) - but first please ask her what she eats, otherwise WE might get problems (maybe she's specialized on pink Cashmere, then please, destroy the invitation)

Kimberly said...

I've never seen such moths!!! The ice cream guy really has quite a head of hair...amazing! And the black/white one is so cool, too. What in the world are they?!?! I had no idea moths could look like this!

Kyna said...

Jim: I'll try, it seems to be so hard for me to get on here these days lol. Which sucks, 'cause I love blogging :)

CVF: Sherbet! I was trying to think of what those colours really looked like to me, and that was it! :D

RG: Hey, there isn't anything wrong with a milkshake or two. Or three. Right after one another :D

Camissonia: They are beautiful, aren't they? Where I'm from, moths are just one type. Boring and ugly. lol

Aaron: Yeah, we also have HUGE moths that land on our front door screen. I've seen some big butterflies, but not a moth, and some of them look like they're on steroids O_O

Bernie: Yep, didn't think pink could exist on a moth. Especially that colour pink :D

Sarah: You know your moths way better than I do! :D

Britta: Haha, I love the way you have with words :D That pretty moth didn't touch my closet, but then again, I don't have any cashmere! ;)

Kimberly: I guess Sarah above knew what they were called :) I didn't do any research on them. Chuck was telling me about a couple of other types of moths that were pretty and I looked those up. Like the 'Luna Moth'. THAT one is really cool looking. :D And hair on the pink and yellow one! That's what I thought, it's like a little tuft of hair! LOL

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Great colors on these insects. Thanks for capturing. They're intriguing.