Monday, April 11, 2011

This One Time, At Band Camp...

Yesterday delighted us with a nice sunny afternoon, the perfect day for sitting on the back porch.

Chuckles and I spent a lot of time out there this weekend. We saw a bald eagle soaring above our backyard on Saturday, and yesterday I saw my first hummingbird of the season.

I also saw my first flautist of the season.

My stepdaughter Lindsay came over with her boyfriend yesterday, and she brought her flute with her. Now, it's not very often I get to use the term 'flautist', so it was a red-letter day!

She used to play flute in high school, and decided to start playing around with it again. We put on Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See", and she played along. It was awesome!

She brought it over in a cool case that looked like it should have held a gun or something. Like Antonio Banderas' guitar case in "Desperado".

My other stepdaughter, Desiree, is a really talented singer. I'll have to get some good video of her singing The Beatles' "Yesterday", it'll bring a tear to your eye (in a good way).

I wish I was more talented in the musical arts. I can hold a tune, but it doesn't sound that amazing. I'm mediocre on the guitar. I think I may still be able to pound out a few notes of "Für Elise" on the piano. I played when I was young, but I quit because I hated to practice. I wish I wouldn't have now. Ah, the follies of youth.

I'm interested to know what ya'll (hehe, I said ya'll) out there are good at. Doesn't have to be musical. Everybody's good at something, don't be shy!

Or even if you're into something that other people wouldn't don't have to be good at it, it still counts!

Hell, even if you don't think you're talented at anything, and you just want to use the word 'flautist' in a sentence, leave a comment anyway.


Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

I have a confession to make... Hi I'm Liz, and I too am a Flautist :)

I played the flute in primary and secondary school and made it to grade 4, played in various school orchestras but never felt inclined to attempt to play at a higher level, then ended up being taken off the list due to missing x lessons because I had Orthodontist appointments that fell on every Friday (they didn't even bother to let me know I was being taken off, but woteva! lol)

I've also been part of theatre and operatic societies - yes that includes singing and dancing. I'll let you in on a little secret; my singing voice is a top soprano, I sing very high and struggle at even alto level which is just too low.
Then stopped going at around 16 - what self respecting teenager wouldn't go through that stage, anyway? :D haha.

I still have my flute, and get very dizzy whenever I attempt to play it again!

Marguerite said...

I'm no longer much good at it (ya know, that practicing thing) but I used to play piano for years. I can still bang out Fur Elise but it sounds somewhat distorted these days. Partly the lack of practice and partly because the old piano is so badly out of tune.

Kal said...

That was hilarious. I was thinking the same thing. I love instrument cases. It's funny how when I see one I always hope they will be full of weapons but they always disappoint me and pull out a musical instrument.

Bub said...

I learnt to play the piano when I was a child, hated practising and then one evening at a concert held by the piano teacher, I sat at the piano and played my piece.

Entirely in the wrong key.

The piano teacher wasn't impressed, my mum tried to make herself part of the chair she was sitting in, and after that it was agreed that the piano wasn't for me.

Maybe I should have been a flautist instead ;P

Jayne said...

I can sing.... in the shower.... other than that, I am musically challenged. I do like to listen to it though, and love the Marshall Tucker song you mentioned.

Kris said...

I have several squeaky planks in my hardwood floors. If I step just right when going from the living room to the dining room, I can make them c couple of them sound like "Three Blind Mice."

Tada! Thankyou, thankyouverymuch...

Tatiana said...

I can't sing or play anything. I'm not tonedeaf, just apathetic to creating music. Now, listening, I excel at. I may try to learn the piano when I'm older, but I may not.

Kyna said...

Liz: The first step to recovery is admitting you have a talent.


That's so cool! I tried playing a wind instrument once, and it wouldn't work for me. And like all things I can't do on the first try, I quit trying LOL. At least with a piano or guitar one can make a noise on it easily.

Marguerite: I haven't even touched a piano in probably about 10 years. I can still read piano music though. Guitar, I never really learned the music theory because there was TAB, and I was lazy. It's essentially the same of course, music is music, but I could never apply music theory to a guitar fretboard as easily as I could to a piano keyboard.

Kal: You're Canadian, you shouldn't be wishing for guns! :P ;)

Bub: You seem to have a knack for attracting people that are full of wind, so maybe a wind instrument WOULD have been your thing ;)

Jayne: Nothing wrong with singing in the shower. That's where my voice sounds best! :D

Kris: HAHA! That made me laugh so hard. You created the funniest image in my mind :D

Tatiana: I can understand that. As long as you're not apathetic to music in general, because THAT I wouldn't be able to understand :D

Chuckles was told when he was a kid that he was tonedeaf. Which he isn't. Like me, he can carry a tune but he doesn't sound like a professional or anything. So he's not tonedeaf. Rhythm on the other hand, he doesn't have a whole lot of rhythm...:)


I can't sing, nor flaut...that is all :)

Bub said...

*snort* Now I've got a scenario running through my head where I'm playing an instrument a la the Pied Piper and leading all the windy people away!