Thursday, May 26, 2011

See You On The Other Side....

...of 30.

Five days left.

Hope I make it.

If I don't, it's sure been an interesting ride. :)

Love and kisses,



Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Kyna, Have a happy, happy birthday! P. x

Rory Grant said...

Nothing happens! Ok, maybe a wee bit more pain in the joints, diminished eyesight, lessened mobility and a greater necessity for eating prunes - but apart from that Kyna - seriously, nothing changes :)

biobabbler said...

woo-hoo! 30s are AWESOME. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I remember thirty. There was a divorce about then. And a bad haircut. But some things got to be much more fun, which in my case had something to do with the divorce...Celebrate excellently!

The Idiot Gardener said...

Just think that when I was celebrating my 18th birthday in a backstreet pub in Camden Town, Shirley was getting into the stirrups!

It's a small world! Have a good one!

The Idiot Gardener said...

Shit, I screwed the maths up. I can't remember what I was doing on my 19th birthday, but I bet I was in a pub somewhere.

Tatiana said...

Happy B-day you old fogie! :) Kidding, I'm a year ahead of ya.

Jayne said...

Have a great birthday Kyna!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I loved my 30s! Can't believe I just said that in the past tense **sigh**. I hope you have a blast, 20s are soooo last decade ;) Happy (almost) Birthday!

Jim Groble said...

Happy Birthday. I see you didn't make the cut for the end of the world either. How are your pumpkins doing?

Anonymous said...

I remember thirty...Some things were more fun, and then for me there was a divorce around then (might be related). (No worries Chuck.)

Overall I would give that decade a MUCH higher rating than the previous.

Congratulations, you made it! (clink!)

Jess said...

Happy Bday! I survived it, you will too, promise. Unless of course, the world ends, but even then you'll have until October :)

Shyrlene said...

Hey Youngster! Party on and have a fabulous Birthday!! (Yahooky!) 30's rock - for real!

We want to hear all the details on 'the other side'! :D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl you are now ... a ... mature ????????????? woman !!
Have at it I say !! Bring it on !!!
I mean birthday cake with extra icing please .. just pop it in the mail girl!!! hehehehe
Joy from your old Canadaland !
Stick a maple leaf on your forehead for the day girl !!
MADE IN CANADA !!! hahaha

John Gray said...

I have SOCK older thanyou x

Marguerite said...

Happy Birthday Kyna! Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing birthday.

John Gray said...

and we have the same birthday!

Kyna said...

Pam: Thank you! It was great!

Rory: Please let me never ever have to eat prunes on a regular basis. Everything else I can deal with. :P

Bio: They're awesome so far! :)

Linniew: Well, I don't see a divorce on the horizon for us JUST yet, and I've quelled the urge to tell my hairdresser, "Let's do something different! I'm feeling adventurous!" LOL Thank you!

IG: My mother never told me you had her up in the stirrups. She's had a more checkered past than I thought?

You were talking about her when you mentioned 'Shirley' right? 'Cause there can't be too many in the world.

I'm sure you were doing something innocent and wholesome on your 19th birthday. Like helping grannies across the street.

Naked grannies.

Tatiana: Old fogie? Is that what you called me? I wasn't sure, because suddenly I feel the need for reading glasses...

Jayne: Thank you! It was awesome!

Clare: I'm hoping to make my 30s better than my 20's. I have to get on board with this 'health' thing...

Jim: I guess heaven didn't want me yet :) My pumpkins are doing awesome! I went away for 5 days and they really took off. It's getting to be really hot out though, I hope they make it through.

Jess: I have a lot of living to fit in before October! If you'll excuse me, I have no time to finish the rest of my reply, I have smoe skydiving to do!

Shyrlene: I'm getting ready to write a series of slightly yawn-worthy posts about my birthday vacation. But hopefully I'll be able to put a fun spin on them ;)

Joy: I think I talked about Canada more than anything the last few days. I don't know why. It seems to come up in every conversation I have with people LOL

Mature? Bah! Never. :)

John: Wow, those socks should be in a museum. O_O lol

The same birthday?

1981? May 31? Or both? ;)

Marguerite: It's been awesome. I'm so glad I took a week off from work for this :D