Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Is That Crazy Lady Doing Outside??

I was out touring the garden centers the other day. I love visiting them in the winter, because there's still some cool stuff to see, and a lot of garden things are on clearance. Plus there are zero crowds to hold me up while I'm plotting my spring garden in my mind :)

My favourite nursery to shop at is Redfearn's Nursery, in Cedar Point, NC.

They've been in the same location for 47 years, and the founders have since passed the business on to their son and his wife (they still work there though). Redfearn's always has beautiful plants and trees at fair prices, and treat me very well every time I visit. They will answer any gardening question I have, and I trust their knowledge.

The selection of pots and garden decorations is quite large. I found this painted pot on the clearance was $17, and I got it (tray and all) for $5. A woman in Morehead City handpainted a few pots and sold them directly through Redfearn's, which she has since stopped doing. So I thought this was pretty cool. I paint pots myself. But to buy the pot, tray and paint, it would be more than this cost. Yay, deal! :)

I also found this funky garden stone in the outdoor clearance. It looked very lonely, and I liked the colours, so I rescued it. It was only $3, and Mrs. Redfern told me she'd give it to me for $1, even though I would have paid three. I have a feeling it's not most people's cup of tea, and has been there awhile lol. Until I find the right spot for it, it's keeping my wilted iris foliage company.

On to Lowe's, and I was just in time for the taking down of Christmas displays, and putting up of spring gardening displays. I found two wire hanging baskets w/ coconut liner for $1.74 each! I took them up to the counter, and the lady looked at them and said sarcastically, "Where are you going to hang those in this cold, the garage?" Then I pointed out the price and I think even she was going to buy a couple of them.
Don't mind Mr. A's tattoos...:)

I felt very triumphant with my purchases. I wish I could be one of the rich ladies that live in the posh beach houses in Emerald Isle: they come in with their husbands, fill two shopping carts full of plants and shrubs, their husbands whip out the plastic, and they're on their way. I, unfortunately, have to buy most of my gardening delights on a mediocre salary and am much more discerning. But I believe I do a nice job of it anyway, and I'm proud of my efforts. I'll start splurging in the spring, but it's nice to find winter deals.

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I love a bargain too.I rarely pay full price for anything!