Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunsets Like This Don't Grow on Trees

Last night, I went out to get something last minute at the convenience store down the road, and on the way back, the sunset was breathtaking.

I found myself racing back home just so I could take a picture. I ran into the garage, through the house, grabbed my camera, and ran out the back door LOL! The look on Mr. A's face was priceless.

These are the best two pictures. This is the view through my neighbour's backyard ( they have a better tree backdrop for the photo, so I stood as close to their hedges as possible).

That bare tree on the second to left of the frame is a mimosa or silk tree. Very cool looking tree, with pink, dandelion-fluff type flowers in the summer. Kind of invasive though, I wouldn't plant one on my own property. And the other bare tree on the very left, is a peach tree. My neighbour is nice enough to leave me a bag of them on my doorstep every year :)

I miss the aurora borealis (aka northern lights) of winter in Canada, but these sunsets just about make up for it.

We were supposed to get snow last night, but it didn't happen. :( I want spring to come quickly just as much as the next gardener, but snow is so rare here that I actually look forward to it happening, like a little kid.

Last year it happened on January 20th, the day of the presidential inauguration.

My poor daffodils were baffled.

Mr. A decided to start a snowball fight.

And since my mind wasn't on gardening, I thought I'd buid a snowman :D

Brr! Are you shivering yet?? Ok, here's a picture of a tiger lily from my back garden, to offset those shivers.

Ahh, that's better. :)

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