Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Feature Friday ~ Greenhorn In The Garden


Hurricane Earl.


Hurricane Earl = LAME.

Yesterday I went down to Emerald Isle beach to check out the surfers, I mean the waves, at about 11:30am. They weren't destructive or anything, but they were kinda kickin'.

More surfers were sitting on their boards watching the waves than were actually surfing. This one kept striding back and forth with his board, trying to look studly.

The seagull in the foreground of this shot was PISSED OFF with me for some reason. I thought he was gonna peck my eyes out. He was squawking like I owed him money.

I tried really hard to make my eyes not look like old, stinky shrimp...I think I succeeded.

I was fooling with the settings on my camera and got this silly shot...(but I kind of like it anyway...)

Earl was really a disappointment. Barely got any rain or wind. At least we didn't board up our windows or anything. Chuck and I went and ate lunch at The Bogue House and we saw that some people in Carteret County were doing just that.

Cape Hatteras got quite a bit of weather though. One of our local news reporters got pounded by a wave on air...hilarious.

This is my attempt at making Earl look more scary and less lame.

Didn't work.

You know what's NOT lame???

My buddy Turling's gardening blog Greenhorn In The Garden!

Great sense of humour. Always has a project going. He's a proud family man and a football hooligan.

The post that really sucked me into his blog was "We Are Gardeners. We Are Not Savages."

And then I loved the guy! Ssh, don't tell Chuck!

As a person who likes to mix her passion about gardening with her other interests, how could I not like the one about gardening and baseball? And you get to see a picture of the author!

Lately, Turling's been leaving more and more time in between posts. Most would assume he was caught up in the everyday adventure of real life, like this guy.

Not me. I think he's a lazy bastard!

Turling, you must pay attention to your family less, and regale us with your gardening forays more often! Your children will forgive you once they're old enough to realize what a star you are in the blogosphere.

Go read Turling's blog. The last post was one of the most creative I've seen in a long time.


Rainforest Gardener said...

I wish there was a pic of you standing at an angle like the overly dramatic weather forecasters always do. I love watching severe weather.... I used to live in Kansas, where I hopefully looked for tornados... I just liked to see them, not get ripped to shreds by them. Pretty pictures by the way!

Kyna said...

Chuck has some yellow rain pants and a rain coat that were his mother's. She was a pretty small woman, so I can't fit my fat ass into them. But I thought about it...I totally would have hung off the bird feeder pole, with a leg in the air for a photo op...damn my chunky physique. 'Cause that would have been fun. The dude on the news here last night had a suit just like it lol.

debsgarden said...

I'm glad Earl did not treat you badly! Beautiful photos, and thanks for the tip on Turling's blog. I enjoyed it!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I agree, sounds like Earl was lame, but Turling isn't. Love reading his blog :)

Rosey said...

I love me a good hurricane, as long as I am not involved. Too bad it wasn't more of a humdinger for you.

Thanks for steering me towards some witty blogs.

Laurrie said...

Earl really was lame, I agree, especially up here in New England. You got some great moody stormy shots though.

Edith Hope said...

Dear Kyna, Your seascape images are wonderful. I love the sea when it is grey and potentially wild.

I have enjoyed reading Greenhorn almost since the beginning. It is a pity now that things have gone very quiet!

Zoe said...

Glad to hear you weathered Earl, and the seagull with a chip on his shoulder (isn't there just always *someone* who's all bent out of shape over nothing?). May the next storm be equally undestructive, but perhaps a little more fun.

Turling said...

Very well, you have guilted me out of my funk. I shall be sure to post something tomorrow and get more into the routine. Multiple reasons for the silence, none of them particularly exciting. I'll be sure to make something up. Alien abduction is much too obvious. I'm thinking of my attempts at being a feral child, living amongst the wolves. Yes, I think I may run with that one.