Monday, September 20, 2010

Sun of a Beach

Chuck and I both had a day off together yesterday. Sadly, that's pretty rare these days.

We decided to hang out on the beach for most of the afternoon.

Hurricane Igor passed us yesterday. Not close enough to give us any bad weather at all, but the surf was pretty crazy! In fact, I think the waves were more impressive and beautiful than when Hurri-lame Earl came through.

The air temps have cooled into being tolerable (it was about 84F/28C), and it was sunny all day. Chuck tested out the water while I watched from my chair.

The rip current was very strong, but Chuck knows how to come out of it okay if he gets sucked out too far. In fact, he's had to rescue some people before who got caught in it.

I was more worried about his one-lunged ass getting pounded into the sand. Those waves were powerful!

I felt like I was in a surfing movie. Every surfer's girlfriend in the surrounding area must have been pretty lonely yesterday. That means I got to look at their fit boyfriends without the fear of being punched in the eye!

Don't worry, I wasn't being selfish. There were a lot of jiggly-boobed, football-tossing bikini girls for Chuck to ogle as well. I'm all for equal ogling opportunity!

If you enlarge this next photo and squint, you can see a tiny dark spot in the middle. That's a surfer. And he was AWESOME. He rode that wave a long way...

Everyone brings their pets to the beach. We thought this family's choice of dogs was quite interesting.

That big dog is the size of a freakin' pony! Saddle that thing up and go green! Its paws look like my hands.

The other dog could fit in a shot glass. You can barely even see the other dog!

We spent about 5 hours at the beach in total, with a little picnic in between.

Afterwards, we had to go fill a prescription for me at the drugstore by the beach. The pharmacist told me it would be about a 45 minute wait. Chuck and I decided to take a ride around the neighbourhood instead of walking around the drugstore for 45 minutes like losers.

I saw this sign whilst driving past an older beach house. In fact, I made Chuck circle back around just so I could get a picture. I'm copyrightin' this one.


Just goes to show you: when it comes to vacationing at the beach, you're never too physically challenged to party!

Great day. Wish you were here. :)


Jayne said...

Sounds like you had a great day at the beach. Great photos - I loved the surfer, I was like "OMG - there *is* someone there" when I viewed it full size, lol.

Bub said...

After seeing your photos I'm feeling the need to spend some time near the sea. Sigh.

The photo of the dogs made me laugh - as did the thought of you eyeing up the surfers!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Oh heaven...You do know there was snow north of St. Albert last week. I'm so not ready to see *that* yet!

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

Not at all jealous. I wouldn't like to live near the sea at all... Honest...

Nothing wrong with oggling, it has to be done!

The Idiot Gardener said...

I need a day at the beach, looking at girls in bikins with jiggly breasts. Yes, that's just what I need, that and some tequila...

Kyna said...

Jayne: Yes, I so wish I had a better camera! My mum has an awesome one. It's old school with film, but it's an expensive old school camera with film. Huge zoom lens. She used to bring it with her to watch me play in Gaelic football tournaments, she snapped some great pics of me playing.

There was some great surfing on Sunday. Big Kahuna style :)

Bub: I love people watching at the beach, forget bringing a book! Every trip there's something interesting to see :)

Haha, Chuck and I will even say, 'Oh look, there's one for ya!'. :D

Ms S: This is the only time of year I feel really good about my decision to move to the Southern US. A lot of the time I'm homesick, and really miss Edmonton.

In the fall/winter? There's no way I'd want to go back lol. If I visited Edmonton in the winter now, I don't even know where I'd find a coat warm enough around here, I'd have to buy one when I got off the plane! I remember one year when it snowed on my birthday, which is May 31. Yuck.

Liz: Cheers!

This is actually the most I've gone to the beach during the summer since I came down here to the States. Usually I just go once or twice. I'd really much rather live near the mountains. Although there are no half naked surf-boys there....hmm....I may need to rethink that dream of mine...

IG: Yes. Yes you do. After the terrible week you've had, Dr. Kyna will write you a prescription for it. If Mrs IG disapproves, just show her the note I wrote for you.

'But Baby, I got a note!'

Edith Hope said...

Dear Kyna, You combine here two of my most favourite activities - picnics and being by the sea. I love the sea, especially when it is quite rough, although I rarely get to see surfers unless I travel to Cornwall. How very fortunate you are to have such a wonderful beach close by and you can enjoy a day by the sea all year round. Perfect!