Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guess Who Found The "Fireworks" Function On Her Camera?

You get one guess.

And if you say "Yer Mom", you get a shot to the kidneys.

Reminds me of those 'electricity globes', where if you put your fingers to the surface of the globe, the 'lightning' follows your fingers.

These were taken after a Kinston Indians baseball game. I feel like I've been mentioning them a lot in my last few blog posts.

Which is funny, because I wouldn't say I'm hugely into baseball. It's not really ingrained into Canadian society like it is in the States (if you're a Canadian that IS into baseball, my apologies, please don't hit me with your flaming bat).

But I always have a great time at these games. Stadium food that's deliciously bad for you, cheap tickets, and some REALLY fun people watching. There's always something happening, even when there's nothing going in on the field.


A waitress dropped full tray of open soft drinks in the stands during this game...felt bad for her, but it was exciting nonetheless. I knew it was going to happen...the arm that was holding up the heavy tray was quivering like the heaving bosom of a romance novel heroine.

This was before she climbed up the 15 or so steps.

Aaaand..... *SPLOOSH!*

An old lady at the bottom's purse got totally soaked. You should have seen the disgusted look on her face. Sort of a Queen Victoria "We are NOT amused" face.

Gave us something to talk about in between pitches.

Even better, we were there with about 20 of Chuck's friends. One of which was trying to hit on the attractive local TV news anchorwoman, who was also attending the game. She was very nice, very cordial, she was there with her man and a few friends (and anchorpeople) from work.

Chuck (who I think has a tiny crush on her) got to speak to her whilst he was making a trip to the bathroom in between beers. When he came back 40 minutes later he had some 'splainin' to do. ;)

At the end of the game, as the attractive news anchorwoman was walking away to her car with her friends, Chuck's very hammered friend (who I think would have hit on a coat-stand at this point in the evening), leaned backwards and upside-down off a lamp post, his legs clamped around the pole stripper-style, and yelled, "Ditch the zero, and get with a hero!!"

Awesome. I live for moments like that.


Turling said...

Ehhh...there's such a thing as a fireworks setting? Really?

And, yes, I use that stripper move all the time. It's very 90's.

Liz said...

Hi Kyna

Lmao@ Scottie Mcmullet. Fantastic.

Fireworks are amazing, every November we get a fantastic show from my front window (Celebrating 'fireworks night' or 'bonfire night', guy fawkes trying to blow up the houses of parliament, blah blah blah), I like lights and I like pretty things so they pretty much tick all my boxes.

debsgarden said...

I love the fireworks shots! I don't particularly like baseball, but I enjoy going to the local minor league team's games, mainly because of the fun atmosphere and because they often offer fireworks at games end.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I feel left out now...my camera doesn't have a fireworks setting :( Pffft. Oh well, your shots came out great, all artsy-like. I hope Chuck sufficiently 'splained himself :P I can't help but think that Chuck's friend was lucky, while hanging upside-down off that lamp post, that someone wasn't walking by with their pooch! :D

Bub said...

Great firework pics.

I'm rediscovering my enthusiasm for fireworks. Where I used to live, fireworks were used to celebrate Diwali (the Festival of Lights). After listening to fireworks going off for a straight month or so every night until the early hours, culminating in the last night smoking up the air outside so badly it looked like a battle from WW1 had taken place (without the dead bodies), my child-like wonder for fireworks dropped off to zero.

Scottie McMullet: Bahahaha! Love it!!

@Turling: re the stripper move - any luck?

The Idiot Gardener said...

After a summer of healthy eating, I was back at football last week, and due to spending too long in the pub ended up having to eat a stadium burger. it wasn't good.

It cost bloody £3.00 for a burger, or £3.50 for a cheeseburger. luckily I got dragged away before the polie closed in as I yelled: "Fifty pence for a bloody slice of crappy cheese"!

My mouth tasted of grease and burned onions all afternoon.

Kimberly said...

Good times!!! Love the camera setting! I have photos of one of my first dates with my hubby...fireworks at a festival. Fun photos and lots of memories!

Marguerite said...

There's a fireworks button?!? God damn I need a new camera. Ditch the zero..... I seem to remember this line from Earth Girls Are Easy, could it be?

Rainforest Gardener said...

Where oh where did you find the scottie mcmullet romance novel pi? Thats hilarious!

Meredith said...

Still spluttering with laughter over the novel cover. :P

Attending baseball games live is way different than watching on television, and so much is going on in the stands, it always seems to me. Plus, there's blue sky, and men running around in tight pants. What's not to like? ;)

However, I had the opposite happen to me when I lived in Canada -- I went from enjoying baseball to hockey. Now, I must say, nothing beats the experience of a live hockey game. So much fun!

Jayne said...

Ooo - a firework setting! Love it... to me that sounds the sort of camera that can also make a cup of tea. And 'For the Love of Scottie McMullet' - I had to look that up and found a world of funny. Oh my - brilliant!

Kyna said...

Turling: All those Carmen Electra exercise videos came in handy for ya then?

In more ways than one!

(ha, beat you to it:P)

Liz: I love fireworks so much. My eyes get happy. And I really like the smell of the gunpowder.

Deb: I'm like that with a lot of sports. I just like being in a crowd at a game/concert. Doesn't matter who the team/band is. It's all exciting :D

Clare: Even if a pooch had pissed on his face he probably wouldn't have cared :P The dude is actually really good looking. I told Chuck that, and Chuck that and he said, "Wait." As the night went on, I leaned to Chuck and said, 'He gets less good looking the more drunk he gets O_O'.

I got an 'I told you so'.

Bub: I can see how your love for anything might go into the toilet if you have it shoved in your face/ears for that long. I'm like that with certain bands. We have to play certain CD's every month at work. And only 2 or 3 out of the bunch they send are worth a darn. So I get so TIRED of hearing the same band over and over. Bah.

IG: You ARE kind of a food snob, dude. Which is cool, I love cooking and eating (especially eating) gourmet meals. But I also enjoy slumming it once in a while.

Ok, twice in a while. Hence the wee bit o' a weight problem I've got. Sorry you had a shite burger, but hopefully the football and pints made up for it some.

Kimberly: First time I got to see fireworks with Chuck was on July 4 in 2006. It was so awesome :D

Marguerite: I have no idea what that's from lol. But it was hilarious. I heard from one of Chuck's friends that they ran into the newswoman and her friends at a gas station down the road again. And that time the dude leaned out the window as they were driving away and yelled it yet again lol.

Like I said, I didn't know that I had MOST of the settings I ahd on my camera until I was bored one day and played around with it. I even have a 'foliage' setting which I keep forgetting about lol.

RG: On the internet somewhere. I think Jayne found it below lol. Ah, the beauty of Google...I typed in 'bodice ripper' and that's what came up lol :)

Meredith: I agree about hockey. I challenge anyone to say they don't like hockey AFTER attending an NHL game. It's too awesome! I've seen the seemingly gentlest of women who say they don't really like hockey go to a game, and get really into it when a fight starts lol!

Jayne: I saw McMullet in person at the bookstore yesterday, I swear! I have witnesses!

Man, this dude had the most serious mullet I'd ever seen. The mullet wore the man, and not the other way around. O_O

Shrinky said...

(Clearing my throat in outrage here..) I want your camera!! I TRAINED as a photographer, I've never captured fireworks shots like that, ever (hear the disgust in my voice?)..

Ha, that poor kid who spilled the drinks.. having held down my own fair share of shitty jobs along the way, I have soooo been there (giggle).

Thanks for making me smile.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kyna girl you have given me another reason to live .. OMG ! I laughed so hard with mental pictures of your very vivid descriptions .. nearly wet my pants but that is a common option for menopausal women .. getting back to my point ? OMG ! that was just too damn funny to believe and you got to see it first hand .. keep reporting on these sordid details and I might just not be so depressed any more ? LOL ..
Joy .. I'd keep Chuckles on a shorter time frame for bathroom breaks or he truly does have some other way to get home after the game ? hehehehe

GardenJoy4Me said...

PS ... damn girl ! those were totally neat pictures .. I know I have a load of settings that I haven't figured out .. well OK .. too lazy to figure out .. but I am inspired by you girl!
That rapid fire mode makes me think I am a pro .. whether I get pictures or not .. it sounds COOL !!