Friday, August 13, 2010

Blog Feature Friday~ I'd Like To Hold a Tarantula

Look at me. I actually have a meme!

I think.

Once in awhile when I get into doing something new on the internet, I'll see words thrown around that I've got to look up to make sure I'm understanding properly. Meme is one of those.

I used to write Lord of the Rings fanfiction, and when I first got into it, I had to look up slash fiction. I was in for a whole world of delicious.

Yep, I was into gay Hobbit porn.

I've been a fan of Tolkien since I was a kid. Some girls have a 'tramp stamp' tattoo on their lower backs. I have a 'nerd stamp':

I designed it myself, which I'm kind of proud of. When I tell people I have an Elvish tattoo, they always give me incredulous looks.

"You have an Elvis tattoo on your back???" O_O

I'm not good with this meme thing, so I'm proud that this is my third Blog Feature Friday in a row!

You MUST check out Bub @ I'd Like To Hold a Tarantula.

She hails from England, and has a very cool point of view on life and the people that move through hers.

She's up front about everything, and has a sense of humour that floats my goat.

Her husband died of cancer recently, and much of her blog is centered around dealing with it. Her post "15 Things Not To Say" is very informative. If you've ever felt the urge to say any of these things to a bereaved person, get that foot out of your mouth right now and take these to heart.

Bub makes an every day event into an adventure. She juggles fending off the advances of the annoyingly persistant Widower...

...with the horrors of cleaning up her grown daughter's room, which she affectionately dubs The Pit.

There is even a post offering warning to anyone thinking of joining the Mile High Club.

She's an excellent storyteller. She candidly takes us through her life with hilarity, sadness, anger and not a little incredulity and profanity. Her blog is honest, and I respect that in a writer.

I started at the beginning and read all of her posts on one of my days off, but if you don't have the time right this moment, at least read the first few before you move on to the newer ones.



The Idiot Gardener said...

Bub does make me laugh. I reckon she's got a bit of a punch on her too!

Tracy said...

Hey Kyna - I love, love, love Bub's blog (and yours ;^) . I've been following her for about a month now and have also read all of her posts. I've seen that 'Meme' word, but have no freakin idea what it is... other than something to do with blogs.

Kyna said...

IG: You're right! Usually I'm pretty confident I'd win in a fistfight, but with her, I think we'd be even.

Although, I'm not sure I'd want to win. I don't think I'd be comfortable bragging about it.

"Hey guys, guess what? I just totally beat up a widow! And she's also a mom, do I get extra points??"

I'd rather hang out and have a glass of wine and a chat with that chick. After she finishes kicking my arse and feels sorry for me.

Tracy: That's why I love Google and the Bible of Wikipedia so much. I just freakin' love the internet in general. :)

Bub said...


No I'm not.

I've been out all day and come home to find I'm your feature - WOW! Thank you.

As for having a bit of a punch, I'm saying nothing on the grounds I might incriminate myself.

Make it a bottle instead of a glass and you're on! But I won't kick your arse, unless you want me to. Oops, did I just incriminate myself?

Rainforest Gardener said...

"I love you, Mr. Frodo!"
"As do I Samwise, as do I."
That scene at the end of Lord of the Rings was gay enough!

Kyna said...

Bub:You're welcome, your blog is totally amazing. I'm so glad you got into it, even if it was by accident, like I did. :) I love people who just tell it like it is. You have great style.

RG: Dude! LOTR is one big gay festival of queerness. And I love it!

I got to meet Billy Boyd who played Pippin in the movies, which was pretty cool. He was in Edmonton for a Scottish short film festival (which I attended), and my friend and I guessed which pub he'd be at afterwards. We talked to him for a little bit, I got my pic taken with him, he was just the nicest person.

Of course I didn't tell him I was a Hobbit Porn Queen :)