Monday, August 23, 2010

If You Got A Gal Bring 'Er, And We'll All Have A Humdinger

Not feeling particularly cheerful today. So I'm going to take a short commercial break before I get back to your regularly scheduled hilarity.

Took some photos a few nights ago just before some major thunderstorms hit.

It got very dark, very quickly. Clouds were way more ominous looking than I could capture with my camera. And most of the photos looked hazy, because the lens fogged up as soon as I brought the camera out of the house.

I was kind of irritated about that, but on my way back in the house, I noticed increased hummingbird activity at the nectar feeder. If I stood really still, they seemed to not care that I was standing right there.

I'd never taken a hummingbird photo before, because I could never get close enough and be fast enough to capture it with the camera that I have. So if you're wondering, 'Why is she taking pictures in the dark??' it's because I was excited. And I don't think they turned out too badly. The lens had gotten used to the temperature in time.

These are my favourites:

Can see the bright red throat shining!

I think they're cute when they just perch there.

Then I had to go inside because it started pouring. It's been raining a lot this week, which is good because we need it.


Zoe said...

We've also been having some fabulous rolling black clouds, and rain - yea! For us, cooler weather has come along with it - hope you're enjoying that, too. Love your cute hummingbirds.

Rainforest Gardener said...

That hummingbird is precious! My camera always fogs up too, but your shot was really improved by the hazy effect, I think.

Kimberly said...

Hope you're bacak to your normal jolly self soon. It's probably the rain and those gross book store customers that are getting you down! (I can't believe some of the stories you tell that happen in book stores!!) The hummers are spectacular...very nice! I've never gotten that close to one either...with a camera in hand, at least.

Jim Groble said...

Outstanding! The pics of the hummingbird are so cool. jim

Dirt Digger said...

Great photos, I have been trying all summer to capture them and I am not quick enough - nice work!

Urban Dirt Girl said...

lucky you getting such a great shot! I have yet to see a hummingbird in chitown. we had a lot of em in NOLA. UDG

Laura said...

I liked the hazy picture. You can almost feel the humidity! I was taking pictures of birds in the near dark last night too. Can't do much about the light when your happening apon wildlife (being all wild and stuff!)

The Garden Ms. S said...

I have nevah been able to get a picture of a hummingbird - not as easy as the pros make it look. Good for you for getting these!
Glad to hear you got some rain as well. Two bonuses in one day. ;-)

Is the Wiz said...

How amazing to have humming birds in the garden.

Al said...

Wow! how cool is that? I would love to see a hummingbird in the flesh.

Hope you feel more cheerful soon.

Kyna said...

Zoe: I am REALLY enjoying the slightly cooler temps and the rain. The lack of sun gets me down a little, but I'll definitely trade it in temporarily. I mentioned on Facebook that I was homesick for Canada, and my friend Carlin said mentioned that it was 13CC/55F, and maybe I might not miss that part too much lol.

RG: Thanks! :D

Kimberly: It was. Clouds for an etended period, working 8 days in a row, bickering with Chuck...but then I saw that it was full moon, and I'm putting it all down to that. :) I feel better today, I finally have a day off! Jolly, eh? Just like Santa :P. But I'm way less frightning to children. Maybe.

Jim: Thanks! Maybe I'll get shots of them in the daytime next time.

Digger: Actually, I had to stand very very still with the camera up to my eye. But from watching them, I noticed that when they visit, their visits are very close together. So I know that I won't be standing there too long before one buzzes up. I keep one eye through the viewer, and one eye on the feeder and honeysuckle bush that's next to to. My camera's tiny, so my arms don't get too tired lol. The light level made it kind of difficult, the camera didn't always want to take the picture when I wanted it to, because it was confused by the light conditions.

UDG: Thank you! :D

Laura: LOL! You're right, have to take the mood when it strikes. Just after this, we saw a deer come out of the trees, and hang out in the cottonfield for a few. But by then it was so dark, and the deer was so far away that I could barely see it from my porch, so no picture of that.

Ms S: Thanks! I'm just the fool standing out the back porch with the camera to her eye hoping they don't decide that the last time the hummers stopped in to eat, that it won't be the last time for the day. Hence standing there with the camera to my eye for nothing ;)

Iz: It is pretty cool. There are some where I'm from in Canada, but I didn't know that because I had never seen one there in the 23 years I lived in Edmonton.

Al: I promise, I'm better today. Sleeping in on a day off will make one more cheerful :D