Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

After being off for 12 days, getting back to work was super fun.

Most people were saying to me, "Oh, but aren't you glad to go back? I'd be bored out of my mind!"

Two words: Piss off!

I LOVED my vacation. I would've been happy to have another couple of weeks off. I pretty much got paid last week to play on the internet. I have a feeling I sort of looked like this:

I started a new blog on Tumblr in an attempt to stop irritating the fuck out of everyone with talk of Sherlock and Teh Cumberbatch. I've gained 80 followers in like...6 days. Took me almost 2 years to get 119 over here.

Apparently I've been writing for the wrong demographic. 17-year-old fangirls think I'm hilarious. So there.

(Oh, shut up...:P)

I've also done some fiction writing. I haven't done that in quite a few years, just sat down and wrote about something that didn't happen to me. It's nothing of any import, but I'm lovin' it. (I sound like a McDonald's commercial)

I had a rough few days there last week when my co-worker Hannah died, so all of these things were a nice escape. I still don't think I'm quite right about it all. I've still been sad a lot. For a lot of reasons.

So I am happy to be back at work where all my friends are. We spent the last couple of days laughing a lot. Well, I spent the last couple of days trying to make everyone laugh and succeeding. Yesterday morning I had all of my makeup cried off (from laughter) by 8am.

I think they missed me. It's nice to be missed.

It's also a good thing I'm back at work anyway, because I think I was starting to turn into a man. A filthy, lazy bachelor. If I could've grown a beard, I would've.

I kept forgetting to eat because I was on the internet so much (I really need to market 'The Internet Diet'...had my hands in so many tech cookie jars, that I didn't have any time to stick them into real ones).

Anyway, at one point I thought I had better tear myself away from the computer for some victuals or starve to death, and I found myself staring into sort of an empty fridge.

We did have a large bowl of cold roasted leftover potatoes and onions in there. I was too lazy to put them in the microwave, so I stood there in front of the fridge, eating cold potatoes out of this giant bowl with a fork. There may or may not have been cold gravy involved as well.

So yeah. Not much exercise got done last week. But with the forgetting to eat (and also the cultivation of a serious tea habit) I think everything got balanced out.

It's really died down at work, traffic-wise. Occasionally you can hear crickets if you listen closely.

Kind of nice not to be run off my feet the first two days back, but the days seem loooooooooong after what I was used to for the last few months. I shouldn't be surprised, it happens every year and I've been there for four years.

But, you know. I suppose it's like a having a baby. You go through a lot of pain, and then promptly forget how much pain you went through so that you can do it all over again next time.

I just compared bookselling to having babies. Wow.

Anyway, thought I'd give you an update on Kyna. You know, just in case you missed me. ;)


Turling said...

Tumblr is blocked where I'm at. Yea, I'm at work, shut up. So is everyone else, probably.

Plus, I haven't been a 17 year old fangirl for some time, so I think I'll be missing out on the new one.

Kyna said...

I always hoped you really were one, Turling. Is that creepy?

Toolchick101 said...

I don't mind that you compared bookselling to having a baby. I totally understand. We'll see if I still understand in about 70 days....but yeah.

Oh, and Kyna? Piss off to you too!


Kyna said...

Ok Jocelyn. You're fired.

But after your shift tonight.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Those fangirls love me too. All the pressed dead flowers and viles of their blood I get in the mail tells me that.

How can I find your Tumblr? K...found it.

You always remind me of the magnificent women I worked with as a teacher. Nothing more fun than going into the Staffroom and connecting over a good rant about our shared misery.

I love that vision of you eating your cold potatoes while wearing a ratty old pair of slippers and a full ball gown (with tiara) - all the while staring at the microwave and trying to figure out how it works.

Been there gf.

John Gray said...

welcome to my world you old floosie!

Chad B said...

I also loved the image of you standing at the fridge eating cold potatoes and onions. Great writing, that.

Sarah said...

I agree--people who don't take vacations or can't wait for them to end so they can go back to work are crazy.

The whole point of a vacation is NOT to be at work! And how can you possibly be bored with all that free time?

Kinda scary how making your entire life about work has been so normalized.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Two weeks, and all you did was sit in front of a computer?

You could have burned a few things, carried out some experiments on animals, burgled your neighbours' houses, taken your car to pieces, walked around your garden drunk whilst brandishing an axe and yelling "YEAH!" to the sky, bought a chainsaw, driven 150 miles to buy a bottle of chilli sauce, painted your lawn green, sold your TV and gambled away the proceeds ... beard or no beard, you're a long way from being a man!!!

Kyna said...

Cal: You sorry yet that you added me on your Tumblr? LOL You might be soon. You're probably going to find out just how creepy I am. People on here think they know, but....:o)

Even though I do wear my tiara on all my days off, I don't own a ball gown. I wish. It'd be fun to walk down to the mailbox in when the neighbours are driving by. :)

John: Old floosie? Hey, I ain't THAT old yet! ;)

Chad: Well, it's not one of my prouder moments. I'm just glad there were potatoes in there ready to go. I might have had to start eating ketchup on Wheat Thins, because those were the only other two food items that I had in the house at the time.

Sarah: Excatly! I'm not saying I couldn't have been a little less lazy and actually done something like, oh I don't know...brushed up on my French, did some drawing, practiced the guitar, or something else intellectual that I can do sitting down. But what's wrong with the internet? Nothing! Nothing I say! :)

IG: I said I was a LAZY man.

And who said I didn't walk around drunk with an axe in the garden? I did have to get up and urinate once in awhile, and where else would a lazy man urinate? In the garden of course. Whilst brandishing my axe. (That's what I call my penis.)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

After you have reblogged on tumblr for awhile you realize that you can't hide from your archive which is an interesting look at one's obsessions. I kinda dig going through mine and I finally got over worrying about what others thought. The ones who like what I like or can deal with my likes and dislikes are the ones I want in my life anyways.

You need Sarah to thrift shop you a killer vitage ball gown. Something 1950ish. Really classic Red Carpet look.

DON'T JUDGE ME BECAUSE I KNOW THAT WOULD LOOK GOOD. I also know how to arrange the furniture and kill a man with a spoon.

Chris said...

For a minute there I thought you had taken a pic of me via my webcam.

Glad you're ok.

Jim Groble said...

I'm back and enjoying your blog. jim

Marguerite said...

How in the world people can get bored while on vacation is one of my pet peeves in life. There is so much to do! how the heck could you be bored unless you're just a boring person? that said I remember quitting my job and being unemployed for 6 months and never missing work one bit. Maybe I just wasn't cut out to be a working girl.

Jess said...

Hey, I thought I'd let you know that I broke down and watched the first season of Sherlock on netflix. It is really good. I watched all three of them in the same night. :)

Sorry you have to go back to work. I feel exactly the same! I am never bored, and if I didn't have to work I would have so much more accomplished in life!!

RobinL said...

Kyna, it sounds like a perfect vacation to me. I've done much of the same thing this winter, and I'm not even on vacation. Can you say slug? My problem is that I discovered pinterest. Porn for homemakers. Anyway, would you do me a favor and make note of my new blog adddress? Mine was deleted due to someone else's fraud. Grrrr!