Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heaven's On Fire

All right. So I was getting ready to post some pictures of an amazing sunset that I captured this past summer, and stumbled upon again yesterday.

But now I feel the need to discuss one of my weird blog habits. I touched on it the other day, but will digress and explain myself a little more fully.

Never fear, the sunset is still coming!

The first thing that always leaps into my head for a post title is a reference to a song title, band title or lyrics. It may be obvious, or it may be too obscure for anyone to even notice.

But I know it's there. And I find it interesting that I tend to go for that. It's all Mr. A's fault, he's a bad influence. A random fact about him is that he loves to quote lyrics. All the time. If you have something to say, he rummages through the archives in his 48 year old brain, and comes out of it with a lyric to sing to you in reply. It used to be kind of irritating, but now I treat it like a game. I try and guess what lyric he's going come up with from what I said. Usually I'm right LOL.

Today's post title for example? A KISS tune.

I *cough* used to be *cough* a KISS fan. My halloween costume from 2003:

I did a great makeup job, if I may toot my own horn. *toot*

Mr. A hates KISS. He was a teenager in the 70's, and couldn't stand them even though a lot of kids loved them. I, of course, wasn't born until 1981. So I can appreciate the novelty.

I have this picture hanging on our kitchen wall, so he can see it while he's eating. :D

Wow, that was a tangent, wasn't it? I should have a regular weekly feature called "Tangent Tuesday".

On to the sunset photos! All of these are from stages of the same sunset, completely untouched photos.

Like a complete genius, I snapped these from inside my screened back porch. The sky still looks cool behind the highlighted screen though, so I included 'em anyway :P

These two pics are where I got the title inspiration from. Almost looks like a raging forest fire's going on behind the tree-line.

*sings* "Paint the sky...with desire! Angel fly...heaven's on fire!..."



Curbstone Valley Farm said...

No need to be ashamed...I was (past tense) a KISS fan too. I remember trick or treating in Canada in 1979 during a trip to see friends in Ontario, and my costume then was Gene Simmons. I seem to remember their family dog yelped and hid in the corner when I came downstairs in full wig and makeup! Poor dog.

Beautiful sunset photos too...I love how warm and rich the colors are in the last photo!

Kyna said...

Haha, great story!! Thanks for sharing that :D

It was a shame that my costume went mostly to waste, unlike yours. The makeup took me awhile to do, and the Halloween party I was supposed to go to got cancelled at the last minute because of the host getting the flu :( Another couple of friends were all dressed up and no place to go, so we all went and hung out in a bar in West Edmonton mall lol. I got a lot of appreciative thumbs-ups though, which made it worth it LOL.

Glad you enjoyed the sunset pics! :)

azplantlady said...

"Heaven on Fire" is a perfect title. I was to obtuse to notice your titles are made up of lyrics, but now that I know...I will definitely be interested in seeing what the next one will be. The sunset was beautiful, your costume very good and I do like your hat ;^)

Kyna said...

Oh no, don't worry about it! Not every single one has been a song title/band/lyric, it just seems to be heading that way. So much so that I think I'll keep doing it. :)

Maybe I'll throw in a movie line once in awhile. I'm such a geek :D Thanks for the compliments!

Jayne said...

Nah - I never liked Kiss. Alice Cooper was more my scene -- I even made a white top hat and tails for myself to do a lip-synch rendition of Elected on stage at the local teen club. Hmm, I think I just aged myself...

Your sunset photos are phenomenal - bravo!

Kyna said...

Meh! Age, shmage. I love Alice Cooper too. I got to see him perform in Edmonton in the early 90's. It was a great show, with all his theatrics :D

My husband would high-five you for your dislike of KISS lol.