Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Today is Mr. A's 48th birthday!

As it says under his picture in the handy little yellow box to the right, he's my partner in gardening crime. He and I both love working in the yard. He's always there to help me with a garden project. Sometimes happily, sometimes grudgingly :)

When I said I wanted windowboxes underneath our bedroom window, he built me some. If ever a category 5 hurricane passes through, our house may be gone, but these windowboxes will probably still be standing...

When I need something planted that's heavier than I can lift? He plants it for me. Like my camellia and my crape myrtle...they were my Valentine's Day presents last year.

Look at that casual posture! That's the sort of look that says, 'Just stand back babe...I got this covered.'

Mr. A has years of gardening and lawn care experience under his belt. Or should I say shorts?

Mr. A~Circa 1986

I love a man with a rake. And the beard he had in those days provided a home for many woodland creatures!

Now calm yourselves, ladies. No use screaming like he's The Beatles...back up...Mr. A's a married man! Uh oh....I think a woman just fainted near the back of the crowd. Can someone call a medic?

Hope I don't get in too much trouble when he reads this. Luckily I have a great present lined up! Every year, when I ask him what he wants, he always says, 'Just a hot dog.' :P

But it'll be better than that. Happy Birthday to my Favourite Gardener (and all around cool guy)!!

So, Faithful Readers, who helps you out in the garden? Your partner? Your kids? Would you rather garden alone? :)


Sunny said...

Happy Birthday to Mr A! He sounds like a great guy.... I'm sure you are going to love those window you know which type of flowers you will grow there?

As for who helps me in the garden? Mostly my hubby at the home garden and family at the "family garden" Many times I prefer to just go alone and hang out and enjoy the serenity :) I supppose it depends on my mood.

Carlin said...

Happy Birthday Mr. A! ;) Hope it's a great one!

Jayne said...

Happy birthday Mr. A! Hope it's a good one.

Mr. W. is not a gardener yet, having lived in a townhouse with no yard for the past 20-something years. I enjoy gardening on my own, it gives me time to think. But it's nice having a strong man around when it comes time to dig up dead trees, move boulders etc!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday Mr A. I do it all myself and occasionally hire out the big stuff. I think Mr I and I would clash on styles and taste...I of course think mine is superior. In that sense I am glad he is uninvolved;-) gail

Noelle said...

Hi Kyna,

What a wonderful person you married. My husband never complains about planting this and that for me, repairing at trellis or fixing broken irrigation. I don't think I would garden much without him ;^)

Kyna said...

Sunny: It's actually been there a little while, and I've only had a few things planted in it. It's in hot afternoon sun. The only thing so far that I've had success with are petunias. But they gave of a nice scent into the bedroom when I had the windows open, so I may do those again this year :) Not too many things do well in that afternoon NC sun...:(

Carlin: Mr. A thanks you :D (as well as the rest of you for the birthday wishes:) )

Jayne: Well, there's always time for him to get inspired. But then you might find out you just want him to stick to being the muscle of the operation lol.

Gail: That's how I am with stuff inside the house, rather than out. Our indoor decor tastes are completely opposite. And I moved in with basically one day I'll have to switch the couch out while he's working LOL.

Noelle: It's so nice to hear that you have as wonderful a man around as I do :D

Now, off to take him out to dinner! :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. A.!

I do pretty much everything except for the really big stuff like digging the pond. My husband likes the garden, but it really isn't his thing. He usually has a very worried look on his face when I ask him for help, since he knows it's something big.

Msrobin said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Mr. A! I have one too, an all around good guy who does all the dirty work in the garden for me. He does the lawn and I do the flowers. Works for us!

Kyna said...

Catherine: LOL at imagining the look on your husband's face :D Because I've seen that look before myself...

Robin: Teamwork is a great thing isn't it? I'm glad my husband does the lawn, I don't really enjoy that job as I enjoy other yardwork lol.

And he thanks you two for the b-day wishes :D

Jess said...

lol. :)

Kyna said...


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Belated happy birthday to Mr. A, Kyna! He sounds like a great guy in all kinds of ways. A birthday hot dog? That's just too cute.
My Longsuffering Spouse (I refer to him as that in my garden columns, and he's even been given a name tag to that effect at the regular Saltscapes Expo where I give talks each spring) is a huge help in some ways around the garden. He's very good at making things for me, like trellises, arbours, chairs, etc. He will cut things down, dig holes, lift heavy stuff...he doesn't weed, but that's okay.

Mandy said...

I'm just reading this post, and I think it's hilarious that you posted this picture on the internet yet again!

Poor Mr. A! ;)

Kyna said...

Yeah, I showed him, he's ok with it ;) Luckily he loves me LOL

meemsnyc said...

Nice car! My husband would love it! This is the one he has.