Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Country For Old Men

We got about 8 inches of snow this morning!!

*does little snow dance*

To all my buddies up in Edmonton:

SEE?? You can't make fun of me now! I'm not lying on the beach today!! :P

I got up at 6:30 this morning, bundled up, and trudged through the snow to take photos.

I love the look on my face: "Does this toque make me look fat?"

(For those who don't know, a 'toque' rhymes with fluke, and is what we Canadians call a winter hat)

Anyway, these pics are in more or less chronological order. I think I've taken over 160 photos today. Don't want to bore you with all of them, but here are some of the best ones. I think I did pretty well for my camera not being a fancy one. :)

My poor magnolia doesn't know what to think!

The view down my street

You know those daffodils that I was waiting on to bloom? Yeah. They look pretty darn sad today. I feel like the kid in 'A Christmas Story' when he stepped on his glasses...."Pulverized."

My neighbour's house

Looking at my house

I took a walk in the neighbourhood, and through the woods behind my house for these ones:

I think today I've gotten the best bird shots I've ever taken.

I think this is my favourite shot of the day. I was standing like a statue with my camera to my eye for about half an hour lol. It was worth it!!

Mr. A and Desiree finishing up the snowman I started. I stopped because I wanted to take pics of the birds lol.

AWESOME day. Absolutely brilliant.


Floridagirl said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing! Beautiful! Much better snowman today.

Kyna said...

Thank you! :D Yeah, Frosty was taller than Mr. A...he had to stand on his tip-toes in a couple lol.

Abe Lincoln said...

You guys got up early to take the pics and got a bunch of them. Nice and makes you want to squint to see a little bit more. lol

Kyna said...

Thanks Abe! :D

Liza said...

Those poor Daffodils! Great photos Kyna, well worth the effort!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You really got a lot there. I've been seeing snow on almost every blog I've visited today, but I think you have the most so far. I love seeing the snow fresh in the morning before anyone has walked in it.

Jim Groble said...

Nice pics. So does the county or city plow? Or is that as silly a question as I think? jim

Meredith said...

What a lovely shot of the female cardinal with her rosy wings spread! Looks like y'all had fun in the snow today. We did, too, yesterday. (I think snow somehow brings out the kid in all of us.)

Those daffodils might not be toast, depending on how long the snow lasts. I've seen them recover and bloom anyhow. :)

gippslandgardener said...

Those are beautiful photos Kyna. Now you have plenty of snow for a snow angel!

ChickenFreak said...

Pretty! Beautiful photos. And the shot of the bird fluttering off the encrusted birdhouse is, yes, especially gorgeous.

Bernie said...

Great photos ... just love these snow scenes, particularly the photos taken in the woods.

Kyna said...

Thank you Liza! :)

Catherine: Yep, that's why I got up so early lol. Mt stepdaughter was already in her coat ot go out and play in it, and we had to hold her back so I could take a few pics with the snow untouched lol.

Jim: Not a silly question lol. Actually, I thought they wouldn't plow, but I saw one yesterday on the highway. One lone plow lol. And they salted the hell out of the roads.

Meredith: I'm glad you got to have fun in the snow too! :) Yeah, I think the daffodils may be ok. Once the snow melted off them a little yesterday, they started to perk up again. Except the two that were halfway into blooming...they don't look so good lol.

Gippy: Yep! Snow angels, snowballs...I went to work last night, and everyone was exchanging pictures of the fun they'd had in the snow that morning lol

CF: Thank you! When I saw that cardinal shot, I was so delighted. Looks like red angel wings :D

Bernie: Thanks! I'm glad I went out for that 45 minute walk right off the bat. No one had really been driving back there when I went. I was so happy I didn't feel the cold lol.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kyna ! my goodness you live in a beautiful area (no neighbors on your doorstep type thing like I have .. I'm dead jealous girl !)
I love sticky snow it makes for the most beautiful pictures the way it literally sticks to everything .. Kingston has been so lucky not to have been swept up in the passing storms .. we usually get weather from the Twilight Zone .. I'm sure we will get "hit" soon though .. we can't just quietly drift into Spring .. nature has a big stck waiting for us ? LOL

Msrobin said...

Your snowstorm looks beautiful from afar! We keep getting more and more snow here in Ohio, and more expected tonight. Argh! Make it stop!

Sunny said...

Beautiful pics snow envy here though :) It was sunny and 50 here.

Kyna said...

GJ4Me: Thank you! Yes, this place I live in is very nice, but it had to grow on me. It's still growing on me lol. Hopefully the big snow stick will be soft for you if it ever hits lol.

Robin: I'm sorry the snow isn't as happy for you as it is for me. It's just so rare here... :)

Sunny: Actually that's what it was here too today. We went to Wilmington, NC for a Valentine's Day outing. It was beautiful comparatively! :D

Glennis said...

Your flag gives a bright patch of colour and your smile gives warmth to a snowy day. Like your snowman!

Kyna said...

Thank you Glennis! :)

The Idiot Gardener said...

Some of those pictures actually seem to make the snow acceptable!

Di said...

How fun! thank you for taking us along on your walk. I miss the snow, having spent over half of my life on the east coast, but we normally get a few snowfalls in Oregon but they don't last long. I'm still waiting... better be careful what I wish for. Have a great week Kyna.

Bangchik said...

Beautiful photos of snow... Enjoy the color and the coldness of snow, before spring gets in and put different color to the whole landscape.. ~bangchik

Cindee said...

Love your positive attitude. While most people are whinging about the snow, you are reveling in it!

Kyna said...

IG: Acceptable is the word lol. And I didn't even have to break out a shovel, because it's already gone by today lol.

Di: Yeah, I definitely wasn't this enthusiastic about the snow when I lived up in Canada. It was fun for awhile, and then it got old quickly lol.

Bangchik: I will definitely enjoy every second of the season :D

Kyna said...

Cindee: I try to look on the bright side lol. Although I do feel bad for people who've had damage done by all the snow they've had :(

Muhammad khabbab said...

Wow never saw so many pretty snow pics. Very well taken. I think this is my first visit to your blog and i must say i enjoyed it a lot.

Becca's Dirt said...

Kyna - don't have any idea how I have missed your blog but I found you now. Thank you for the kind message left on my blog and it is so good to meet you.

I love all of your snow photos. Looks like the snow was fresh and untouched. You sure got a lot of bird photos too.

I'll be back.

Kyna said...

Muhammed: Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad you liked it :) Hope you'll be back!

Becca: That's ok, you have so many followers that I probably just got lost in the mix. And you've been sick lately. I only have a few followers, and I have a hard time keeping up lol.
I made sure I got up before everyone else did, to get those pics. I got sleepy very early that night!
I'm glad you liked my blog enough to say you'll be back :D