Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Years Gone

Chuck has a cancer check-up tomorrow. We're not sure if it's #4 or #5. He has to have a CT scan and a doctor's appointment every year for 5 years. But we don't know if that 5 years started in 2006 or what. I'm thinkin' we've got one more year left. After the 5 years are up? Then it looks real good for the cancer not reappearing.

If you're totally confused, and have no idea what I'm on about, please refer to this post.

We're going up to Greenville, and we're going to make a day of it. First the CT scan at 9:30. Then we'll be waiting around for a few hours, and hopefully getting some delicious BBQ pork at B's BBQ. You've got to get there early, or else they're out of BBQ and they close. THAT'S BAD. Then it's off to see Chuck's oncologist in the afternoon. He'll let us know if they saw anything funny (not funny ha-ha...funny-bad) on the scan.

And then off to Kinston to see an Indians' baseball game! Hotdogs and beer. Mmm.

I'm determined to turn a scary day into a date. Because then it doesn't feel so scary. My husband Chuckles is awesome, by the way. If you knew him, you'd love him too.


Laura said...

All the best to you both! I hope the tests come back all clear!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Damn cancer. As a survivor myself for 14 months, I agree with the sentiment at the end of your post. Five years is a big deal, and regardless, it looks like Chuck is almost there. I hope you both have a fabulous BBQ/Baseball/hot dogs date, and that the CT is squeaky clean! :D

Turling said...

Any man in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt is ok in my book. Good luck.

Dirt Digger said...

Best of luck! Hope it all works out for you two!

Zoe said...

Hey Kyna, I hope your doc's appointment/date day is nothing but tons of fun! I really enjoyed reading the post about how you met. (My partner and I were penpals with a love of punk rock way back in the paper-and-pencil days, before we met in person.) May your days of play be plentiful, and cancer-free. And also... Rock on, to the two of you :)

Rainforest Gardener said...

I read both posts and got a little weepie! Probably because I'm listening to the weepies. Anyways, I'm sure everything will turn out great and you guys are so cute together. I'm a firm believer that the best couples ever are best friends... that's why I'm marrying my best buddy!

Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass... said...

My prayers are with you. Thank you for an amazing insight into your life. I followed the link and read your inspiring story of love and life and above all courage.

Thank you for sharing - you are right - it truly enriches a readers experience of a blog.

I smiled when you mention GF. I'm Irish and I know what you mean - great sport.

Hope your "date" goes really really well - looking forward to a happy follow up post.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Good luck with getting to the BBQ before it's all sold out!

The other shit should be cool, so enjoy the BBQ but side-swerve the hot dogs if you can!

Tracy said...

Best of luck at the doctor today! I feel your anxiety - my hubby had testicular cancer 8 years ago, so I know the heart-attack inducing fear caused by the check-ups and tests. The waiting for results is the worst kind of torture. Hubby has thankfully been cancer free for several years now. I must show him your cancer logo at the bottom of your post - he will LOVE IT! Have a fabulous day - hope it's full of good news, fun and lots of laughs!

Jayne said...

I hope the BBQ isn't sold out before you get there. And I hope the news is all good news from the doctor.

Liz said...

Hi Kyna,

Good luck to you both, I think turning it into a date is a great idea and should help relieve some of the worries.

My brother had cancer at 16 and I think still had to go back for the CT scans just as Chuck does, and I can understand any nerves you both may have.

I'm loving your 'fuck cancer' banner at the bottom. Indeed, what a fantastic way to look at things!

Tweedlebug said...

Best of luck; here's hoping for a clean scan and a great time out.

Jayne said...

Hello, I came by from Al's blog, and I hope all went well today. And that you managed to get some BBQ as that sounds delicous. Another thumbs up for Led Zep by the way!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Best wishes Kyna!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Hope you get there in time for BBQ too. Just catching up on blogs, your peruvian daffs are spectacular!

Becca's Dirt said...

I am thinking good thoughts for you with your check up and all tests will come back negative to any cancer. An amazing story of survival.

Meredith said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that all went well, Kyna. I already know Chuck is awesome, just from reading along all these months.

I somehow missed your story, and appreciated the link. It's so romantic! Loved it, and the way you wrote it. :)

Noelle said...

I hope everything went will with the checkup and that you were able to enjoy a special date. Five years is almost here :-)

Kyna said...

Laura: Thank you!

CVF: I'm so happy you were able to flip cancer the bird just like Chuck! :D

Turling: Led Zep rules.

Digger: Thank you!

Zoe: I'm glad you liked reading my story. Sometimes I can't believe how I ended up here myself lol.

RG: Aw, here's a Kleenex lol Being friends IS important, for sure! I'm glad you have someone awesome as well!

Byddi:I'm so glad someone else knows what GF is, it's really hard to explain to people here in the States lol. And it's even harder for them to look at me now, and believe that I'm really an athlete under all this new flab! LOL

IG: Yep, all cool. Hot dogs are bad for you? How can something made from pig lips and assholes be bad? O_O

Tracy: Going through cancer is a horrible thing, but next to that is being the person who is CARING for the person going through cancer. It's tough to not be able to heal the person you love when they're hurting. I'm so glad your husband is all right :D

Jayne: Good news on both counts!

Liz: I'm so glad your brother is a survivor. :D I'm glad you like that logo I found. I love it too. That's the way Chuck and I go through life...with both middle fingers up! LOL

Tweedlebug: Jessie, thanks for the good luck. And thanks for letting me know you have a blog! I'll be following it from now on!

Rebecca: I'm glad you like my daffs :D The rest of them aren't blooming as nicely as that one did, the heat is just getting to everything.

Becca: Thank you so much for all those good thoughts. They definitely are helping!

Meredith: I'm glad you enjoyed that post. I've gained so many wonderful readers since I posted that, so I thought I'd link to it again. There's so much to keep up with in the blogosphere and in real life, it's all good that you didn't catch it the first time lol :D

Noelle: Even though we found out yesterday that we'll probably be going back for his check-ups much longer than we thought, that five year mark is still very important. I don't think Chuck thought he'd live to see it. Everyone else who's had lung cancer around him has died, because lung cancer is usually caught too late.

Tracy said...

Hi Kyna - I am so relieved to read that the appt went well! It is awful seeing someone you love go through something as terrible as cancer and not being able to fix it for them. My guy didn't have to have chemo like Chuckles did so I can only imagine how much that sucked. Keep those middle fingers up!!