Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Boxes, On The Hillside...


Remember a few posts back, I said that I had lost my garden Mojo?

The weeds were bad then, but they got even worse, as you can see from the photos.

I've discovered that my Mojo has been kidnapped.

Whoever's got my Mojo held hostage is one mean bastard. Do know what they did the other day?

Mailed me one of my Mojo's fingers!!

In the ransom note, they said that if I didn't weed my garden, they'd cut off the rest of my Mojo's fingers one by one.

And if I still didn't weed my garden?

You don't even want to know what they said they'd start cutting off my Mojo next!

So I got down down to business. It was super hot out, nasty humidity. When I came out the door, garden gloves in hand, it felt like I was stepping into someone's mouth.

That one behemoth of a weed you can see in the center of the above photos of my garden had literally become a TREE. When I pulled it out, it uprooted like 5 other plants next to it, including one of my oriental lilies.

My azalea had some sort of weird spiky tumour growing out of it. These kind of weeds gave it up more easily than the one above, though.

Hopefully I've done enough that my Mojo will be returned [mostly] intact.

I have a nasty feeling of who might have my garden Mojo...

And if she does, I'm screwed. She's one tough cookie. With a mean set of clippers. And she knows I'm anti-drug.

My Mojo is doomed. :(


Anonymous said...

Dear Kyna, Little and often, that's my motto!

Rainforest Gardener said...

Oh, I know what weed that is... we get it around here too believe it or not... They show up on abandoned lots and bulldozed sites.

Melissa said...

Feelin' ya. just took a respite from weeding the gravely, muddy, clay-ey, grassy, weedy, nasty, "where are the flowers amongst all this other crap?" slope. Fell on my a$$ twice. My wrist hurts and I am dirty and I stink and I'm thirsty. But gotta get back to it. Garden love, Melissa

Prairie Chicken... said...

little boxes made of ticky tacky

Anonymous said...

The weeds always win in the end! But you keep pullin, and maybe you'll get ahead of them for once. You think my crazy carrot looked like a woman? You should have seen the picture I deleted. It was practially porn, and it was just a carrot! ROFL

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I know what you mean about losing your gardening mojo. Mine has been in and out all summer. I think some years are just that way. The weeds just never seem to stop growing no matter what the weather. I've done that same thing pulling out a weed and taking half the plants around it as well. Hope the mojo is returned soon along with some cooler weather.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kyna .. move your mojo to other parts of your body .. I know it can be difficult but start the mantra and rubbing of hands .. wait a minute .. that might be for something else .. disregard what I just said .. bribe the kidnapper with ... BLUE smarties !! works for me .. that big weed .. in little boxes .. and scary lady .. just figments of our imaginations .. while .. well, while .. what were we talking about ? be brave girl !!!
Joy ;-) wink wink snort giggle

Laura said...

The heat makes everyone want to pack it in for the cooler inside of a pool. The burden of summer. We wait all year for her flowers, then once they've arrived we feel guilty for hiding from them.

Noelle said...

I think you have the right idea....just doing a little something in the garden may be just enough to get your 'mojo' back ;-)

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Every time I head out to the orchard, to confront thistles taller than me, my garden mojo packs a bag and hits the mall or the beach! For the record, I have been in heels in the garden, but never pink ones...that's one crazy chick, and she's smiling entirely too much...clearly she enjoys her 'weeding' much more than I enjoy pulling my thistles :P

Jim Groble said...

I'm going down to Lousiana to get me a mojo hand. (thank you Muddy Waters) jim

Bub said...

You have my sympathies regarding your mojo. At the moment, mine has crawled off somewhere and refuses to make its whereabouts known.

The Idiot Gardener said...

Right, you need to gather together a bottle of Tequilla, a fat Cuban ( a cigar, or a pool boy; it's your call), a deck chair and a large floppy hat. Sit in the chair with the hat atop your bonce, smoke the Cuban (or whatever) and drain the tequila. Not one shot, or two shots. drain the bottle. Then take a long hard look at the garden, and do whatever comes naturally...

Mojo well and truly returned. It never fails.

Tracy said...

Hope your mojo is returned safe! And soon!! I found a blog you might enjoy - has nothing to do with gardening but the guy is very random and pretty funny and I know funny is your thing!! :)

Pam's English Garden said...

Hang in there, Kyna. We all lose our garden mojo from time to time. I suspect losing ones sense of humor is much worse. That will never happen to you!

Jayne said...

Sorry to hear about your mojo. I hope you get it back before it's all gone. I hear ya about pulling weeds in the heat and humidity. No fun at all. I agree with what others have said - little and often, take it one step at a time.

Kyna said...

Edith: Dread and procrastinate, that's mine! ;)

RG: Haha! That's not making me feel better, since my lot is neither abandoned nor bulldozed. But sometimes I feel like bulldozing it :P

Melissa: No one can say YOUR mojo is missing lol. Actually, I was at Lowe's with Chuck the other day, and I was looking at plants whilst he was perusing lawnmower parts. I did feel the urge to buy something. So maybe I don't need Plantagra yet!

Prairie Chicken: I love that show so much. I always recommend it to customers. I really thought I wouldn't like it, and a friend talked me into borrowing his. Yay, season 6 next month!

Robin: And you totally left the porn carrot off your blog?? Was it your carrot? If it was, you totally could have gotten away with it :D LOL That's ok, luckily I have a vivid imagination.

Catherine: I was telling Chuck that this is my punishment for being able to grow things all year round. I'll reward myself in late September with pansies and petunias and coleus. The coleus will die in November, but the other two will stick around till spring. It even snowed 8 inches on my pansies, and they still came through it last winter!

Joy: I definitely have been rewarding myself for my laziness too much lately lol. Pretty soon you'll have to picture Jabba the Hut in front of the keyboard, typing up this blog. Must...exercise...*cough* Usually gardening helps keep me trim. Well, not exactly trim, but not blobby. :)

Laura: You hit it EXACTLY. I'm just glad I still have enough presence of mind to get out and water almost EVERY day. But after all the watering's finally done, I just don't feel like doing anything else.

Noelle: Well, at least this way when it cools down finally, I'll be able to FIND my flower beds. lol

Clare: You know, I've been following you for awhile now, and I just learned that's you name. And that is the way you spell it right? *shrinks down* Right? :)

Heels? What're heels? I used to wear heels every day. Now I almost never put them on, which makes me sad. Can't wear them to work anymore, or I'd end up being carried out to my car after 8 hours. And when I'm home, I don't want to wear any shoes at all lol. I'm getting old I guess.

Jim:! :D So glad somebody likes Mr. Waters :D

Bub: It's probably drinking a pint down at the pub with mine. Bastards. They could have at least invited us along.

IG: What a great image. Although if Chuck came home whilst I was in the middle of this, he'd be more upset about the cigar than he would be about the pool boy (especially since we have no pool). And then he'd ask me for one (cigar not pool boy). And then I'd have to say no because he only has one lung & a stump. Then I'd have to get in a tequila fueled fistfight with a cancer patient. Then I'd just be an asshole. How did you get me into this situation, you evil man!!

Tracy: Thank you, I'll check it out! :D

Pam: I would be lost without my sense of humour. I wouldn't even remember my own name. :)

Jayne: Meh, it'll be ok once September hits. Maybe. If I can outlast this humid monotony. :P