Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peruvian Daffodil

The last of my bulbs to bloom for the summer.

I love the little feathered edges of the petals. Almost looks like a silk flower.

These things are very tough. I moved them after the second year of bloom, because I found out how massive they get. They were planted too close to the front of the bed, and overpowered everything.

Peruvian daffodils are not only massive above ground, but much like the iceberg that got the Titanic, most of the "business" is below the surface. Each bulb is the size of a large freakin' turnip after a couple of years. You should have seen me trying to dig these things out. I almost ended up on my back a couple of times.

But even after I moved them in the early spring, they still bloomed for me in the late summer of the same year. I couldn't believe they weren't shocked from the difficult move. I was shocked from the difficult move. They looked much better at the back of the bed.

I recommend these, because they're beautiful in both blooms and foliage. Give them a lot of sun, and a lot of room. They don't bloom the first year you plant them. But the next year? They put on a show! And they're very easy to split when you want more of them.

The flowers only last a couple of days, like irises. But they're worth it.


AaronVFT said...

So beautiful!!!! I love the unique shape.

Kyna said...

Thanks Aaron! :)

I believe it's proper name is Hymenocallis narcissiflora. I'm really bad at posting the latin names of things...*slaps own wrist* Bad gardener!

Susan said...

I couldn't tell you what the latin name is. Sorry. I just think they are very beautiful.

Floridagirl said...

Gorgeous! These are some of my favorite bulbs! I actually planted some in my garden about six months ago, and the foliage came up so nice and pretty. Then, when the hot weather arrived, the leaves just shriveled up and died. I'm still hoping they return. IDK...Maybe they are wrong for my zone. I am in a very hot spot, even for Florida.

RosieC said...

Those are amazing. They remind me a little of some types of orchids.

Kris said...

What an elegant display. Classes up the joint, no? ;-D

Bangchik said...

A dependable daffodil. A non stop flowering plant over here, and definitely it does have a calming effect.., the whitening of mind and sorrow.
Cheers ~bangchik

JoseG said...

Beautiful, congratulations!

Laura said...

Nice bloom! Definitely grabs the attention!

Rosey said...

That's a keeper! It is divine.

Meredith said...

How pretty! Hope you never have to move them again -- for the sake of your back. :)

Kyna, I'm going to put this request here because I couldn't find an e-mail addy to contact you. Your blog does not have an RSS or Atom feed for subscriptions. Is there a possibility you could turn that option on in Blogger? (I don't know how that blog system works, but a lot of blogger blogs do have the option.) I want to subscribe so that I can keep up with your posts as they are published! Hoping this is not too onerous of a request...

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I love these Peruvian daffodils. I've never grown them, but seen a few in the blogosphere this year, and they're so elegant looking. I never would have guessed turnip-sized bulbs though. That might slow the gophers down moving them around the yard! :P

Kyna said...

Susan: It's all good, I think I got it ;) Thanks for the compliment!

FG: One of mine shriveled up, and the other four are doing all right. :) It's nastily hot for NC this year as well.

Rosie: Yep, they are pretty interesting, aren't they?

Kris: Class? I got yer class right here! *grabs crotch*

Um. Anything helps, I have no class. But that's why you love me :D Right?

Bangchik: You're right, it is very calming :) I wish they lasted longer, so my calm would last longer :)

Jose: Thank you! Welcome to my blog :D

Rosey: Thank you so much! :)

Meredith: I'm a total dunce with the whole feed thing. After I read your comment, I went and played with my Blogger layout, and joined 'google feedburner'. No idea what I did. Or if it will do anything to help you follow my blog better. I noticed there is a new section in my column to the right. I'm so sorry. I'm trying! My email is you want to correspond with me further to help me through my stupidity, please do. I wouldn't want to lose a precious reader :)

CVF: The gophers would have to have a huge appetite. These bulbs are massive! They're sectioned off into smaller bulbs, like a corm, but they're just on a huge scale. So even though they're able to be detached, they're still sorta attached. Crazy O_O