Friday, July 16, 2010

Which Came First? The Egg, or the...Egg?

I was totally going to make the title of this post into an egg pun.

Possibly including:






But I thought that would be a cop out. Too easy.

Many of my garden blogging friends keep chickens. Curbstone Valley Farms springs foremost in my mind. If you want to talk chicken, this is the place to go. I hadn't realized just how many types of chickens there are in this world.

I saw this article in our local paper, the Jacksonville Daily News. A chicken at a local farm was laying multiple double-shelled eggs!


So this short post is for my Chicken-Hugging friends, and for the rest of you that just might find it cool like I did.

And make sure you leave me your best egg pun in your comment! I have high standards you know!


Rainforest Gardener said...

That photo is even better than an egg pun. It reminds me of a snowman that calvin and hobbes would make.

Melissa said...

Eggshellent! That was no cheep gimmick! When the second egg peeped out, I honestly giggled out loud. However, I found the comments from Ken Anderson, the NC specialist and professor, to be a real downer. Mr. dissappoint me.

Floridagirl said...

Truly amazing! Fun news. Eggzactly what I needed to start my day. That post title was definitely screaming for a pun! By the way, I also love Curbstone's chicken lore.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Fabulous video. I've never seen a double-shelled egg! Craaaaazy. Poor chicken, those eggs look huge! :P Thanks so much for the shout-out! I hope you have a fabulously fun 'fowl friday' :)

Al said...

I suppose if you hadn't copped out it may have been an eggspensive mistake.

Rosey said...

I can't resist a cheesy pun.

Are you egging me on?

Gentlemen prefer l'eggs.


debsgarden said...

That is amazing! I never eggspected to see such a thing. Poor hen! It must have been eggstremely hard to lay such big eggs! She needs eggstra loving and praise!

Kyna said...

RG: I love Calvin & Hobbes. Used to get my brother one of the C&H anthologies for Christmas every year lol.

Melissa: We just won't invite Mr. Anderson to any of our garden parties :D That'll show him!

FG: Glad you enjoyed :D

CVF: You're welcome!


Rosey and Deb: You're pros! I bow to you :D